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Level 5 - Sic Friat Crustulum

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  • Find two repair switches
  • Open the door to the final term


For the first time, you actually meet Durandal in this scenario. (Yes, he's been around... but he hasn't talked to you yet.) He's back to his old tricks... getting Marines to do dirty work he can't do for himself. He declines to get you back to the Imbroglio until you've messed with the fuel supply of the base (he isn't specific about what you're doing, just about the physical task). Once you've done this, he requires that you manually break into a shuttle preparing to rendevous with the Imbroglio, and kill the S'pht aboard. Once you've done this, you're free to go back to help Wotan.

From the place where you start, you follow the only path available to you; out the door of the first room, up the stairs, past a recharger and a pattern buffer (use it), and on to the terminal where Durandal gives you your first instructions. Read them carefully for information on how to get into the ductwork... once through and at the edge of a lava pool, look for a switch you can reach with a grenade. This will raise a walkway, giving you access to the corridor along the edge of the pool. (Save again.) Follow the corridor around the pool and down the stairs, to a room with two switches at the end. The switch marked A opens a staircase to the rest of this area, while the other one floods the area with lava. Be careful. Follow the newly-opened staircase down to a new area. You'll find a switch hidden behind a pillar, which opens a teleporter back to the first comm term (watch the cyborg!), and a staircase up to the switch that Durandal mentioned to you. This switch (B) will drop the lava that you could see from near the first recharger, and open the door that leads into this area.

Head back to the beginning of the level. (You can either take the teleporter, or go back the way you came, assuming you didn't flood the place with lava.) At this point, you enter a cross-shaped bridge. You can't go right, because the door is still locked. Straight ahead brings you to switch D, which raises staircase D1, and gives access (eventually) to switch E, which opens maintenance panel E1. Heading left on the bridge brings you to access for switch C, which opens maintenance panel C1. Both C1 and E1 have to be open for you to enter the shuttle... but the order you do them in is irrelevant.

Once inside the shuttle, you'll find several levels. It's worth exploring all four upper areas, because of ammo caches... although the only one you're REQUIRED to explore is the southern section of the top floor. Durandal tells you he won't let you leave until you've killed all the S'pht there... but except for making your return easier, there's no need to do so.

Once you've visited the top floor, you can head to the exit, which is behind the door that was previously locked from the cross.

Available Weapons and Ammo

  • 1 Assault Rifle
  • 1 Flamethrower
  • 1 Shotgun
  • 15 Magnum clips
  • 16 Fusion batteries
  • 21 AR clips
  • 8 Grenade packs
  • 2 Flamethrower canisters
  • 27 Shotgun shells


  • If you drop into the lava from the large square staircase leading to switch E, you'll find a 3x canister and a flamethrower, as well as some napalm canisters, around the south side of the central core. After picking these up, head to the north side, where a switch will bring an elevator down to you (excruciatingly slowly, it'll seem, as you stand in the lava), which will get you up to a small room full of whatever compilers you hadn't already killed, plus a 1x recharger, plus a teleporter out.
  • In the corridor leading to the big square staircase, there's a secret room off to one side, with another 3x canister and a bunch of shotgun shells.

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