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Level 7 - Dad, Get Me Out Of This

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  • Reach the final poly


You begin this level in a central courtyard. It's a rebellion level, but you're dropped on a 1x canister, so you have a fighting chance. Make a circuit to collect all the ammo, then find the wall switch to open the western door. You're presented with two options, but the right path is a dead end for the time being. The left fork brings you to another fork; Turning right will eventually lead you to a dead end in the room containing switch C, but you might find it useful nonetheless... you can take out the Hunters in the room from below, saving you trouble later on. (There's also some ammo to collect.) If, instead, you turn left at the second fork, the path brings you eventually to A, a platform overlooking a lava pool. You have three islands to navigate, with wall switches controlling their height. You can run straight across to the first one, then shoot the switch to your left to bring it up. Once up, jump quickly to the second pillar (the first doesn't stay up; it pauses at the top, then drops again). From this point, the easiest thing to do is shoot the third switch (the one to the left of the third platform); as it begins to rise, jump over to it, and when it reaches its apex, leap across to the far side. If you miss any platforms, don't worry... there's a 3x canister in the lava, to the south side of the middle platform. (In fact, if you're confident of your platform-jumping ability, you can drop in purposely to grab it, then climb back out at point A and start over, with a bit less than a 3x charge.)

On the far side, follow the passageway around (lots of hunters and fighters, and a corridor system that allows them to shoot at you before they fully round the corner-be careful!) until you come to a dropchute. At the bottom, there's a 2x recharger... think of this as a mini-sanctuary. (Troopers will come after you as soon as you leave the room, so it's not that safe.)

Following the single path available, you'll come to a lava-filled pool (S1). Have faith, and run across... you'll get to the other side. The path then leads to a room half-filled with lava. Head for the left side, where you'll find a switch (B) that will raise a staircase to the opening on the far wall. This passage leads into a room full of hunters, via a ledge halfway up the wall. (You may have already visited the ground floor of this room, depending on the routes you chose at the beginning.) Kill the hunters if you haven't already, then follow the ledge around the room and jump across the raised pillars to the lighted panel on the wall. Landing on the final pillar opens the panel, revealing a switch (C). Flipping this switch starts up an elevator that blocked the right fork of the very first passageway you came to on this level.

Head back to the start of the level. To do this, you need to drop to the floor of the room, and follow the passageway back to where you began. Once there, take the right fork of the initial passageway, and ride the elevator up to a ledge overlooking one of the early lava pools. Continue across into the large room on the other side. There's a save term on the wall to the right of where you came in. Straight ahead is a wires panel, behind a door. You need to get pretty close to open the door, but a few steps more triggers an ambush behind you. (This is avoidable if you walk slowly, and stop as soon as the door opens.) Breaking these wires opens several doors in the central starting courtyard. Now would be a good time to save. Head back to the starting central courtyard.

Be careful; two of the doors you just opened (C1 and C2) were hiding enforcers on raised platforms. You can either take them out from below, or head to the central elevator (made available behind C3) and drop in on them from above. Once you've secured the area, head into the new section revealed behind C4.

This area is a multilevel maze filled with all sorts of nasties, and lots of goodies as well. The first order of business is to get the big door in the back open. There are a few ways to get to the poly that triggers this door... probably the easiest is to head for the elevator marked E, step off at the top, head east and drop down to the next level, and go to the north wall. If you turn to face east again, you'll see below you a ledge about one WU above the floor; jump to it. (It's about 2 WU's down from where you are.) Follow that ledge around, and you'll come to a jump over the floor, with a passageway continuing on the other side of the jump. Continue with it. When it comes to a deadend, stop... you'll be teleported to a small brightly lit cubicle up high in the southwest corner of the area. (You've just triggered the big door in the back.) Drop down to the level below you, being careful of the hunters. If you feel like saving, don't worry about the switch on the pillar near you... you can come back to it. (It activates a platform in the southeast corner of this area, taking you up to a pillar with some ammo and more hunters.)

Your best bet is to head towards the back, killing whatever is in your way, and taking the elevator there up to the top. Once you've cleared the corridor in front of you, you'll have access to a save terminal.

If you walk to the edge and look out, you can see a platform a little below you directly to your right (almost not visible because of the wall to your right). Try to jump down here... there's a 3x recharger. One level down from there, to the south, is a large area with hunters and a bunch of missiles towards the east. Jump down, then work your way to the southeast corner of this area. There's a small triangular platform that you want to be on, but in the up position: it stops at each level, so this can be tricky. One relatively simple way to do this is to step out and jump back... you'll trigger it, but remain on the fixed area while it drops. Wait till it stops moving, then step over the edge. (Be careful not to drift off it as you drop.) This will bring it back up. Once up, you can use it as a jumping ramp to a passage on the same level to the southeast. From here, look straight north; there's an enclosed room. Jump to it. The floor will open a couple of secret rooms in the back (S2 and S3), and the wires on the west wall (D) will open the door to the final section of this level (D1).

There are many, many other nooks and crannies in this section: there is a flamethrower, an invincibility powerup, another rocket launcher and missiles, and several ammo caches. It's worth exploring; this just gives you the highlights, and the areas you MUST hit to get out.

Head back out to the central courtyard, and you'll find door D1 is now open. (It's worth saving at the back of the area you just left, even though it means dodging a couple of MOAHs and some troopers released from the secret rooms. If you have time, the rooms also had ammo in them.) Head down the large passageway behind D1, and you'll come to a T. Left gets you to switch F, which activates a couple of platforms that 1) close off the beginning of the level and 2) open up the final run. Once you hit this, you're committed. (This is why saving after opening D1 is worthwhile.) Watch the juggs around that switch! Head back towards the T junction, and take the right arm this time. Up the stairs you'll find some cyborgs, and a newly-opened bridge over the entrance corridor. On the other side is the ledge that runs around the lava pool with switch F and the juggs. Head right for a switch (G) that'll raise the final platform to the exit, then come back and head left for that platform. You can fight the juggs or not, as you wish. That's it!

Available Weapons and Ammo

  • 1 Magnum Pistol
  • 1 Fusion Pistol
  • 1 Assault Rifle
  • 2 Missile Launchers
  • 1 Flamethrower
  • 11 Magnum clips
  • 18 Fusion batteries
  • 21 AR clips
  • 11 Grenade packs
  • 20 Missiles
  • 3 Flamethrower canisters


  • On the right side of the small lava pool (S1) is a submerged rocket launcher.
  • On either side of the northern section are rooms (S2 and S3) that open as you finish the section. Inside are nasty baddies... and lots of ammo.

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