Origin of Species Spoiler Guide

Level 4 - Reservoir Bobs

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  • Kill everything on the level.


Well, okay, not everything. Unlike some maps, this one has no little room off to the side somewhere filled with 8 monsters... so you can leave 8 alive and still leave. This is quite a few... use the bonus wisely.

This is simply a level to get through, a chunk at a time. There are no real tricks, other than to try and wipe out everything in an area before moving on... it makes getting back to pattern buffers and rechargers quite a bit easier. Here are a few switch/door pairs that might be useful:

  • Switch at A opens doors A1 and A2
  • Switch at B opens a panel at B1, exposing a switch to open A1 from the courtyard side
  • Switch at C exposes switch at C1, which will allow the platform next to it to cycle, giving access to the raised corridor
  • Switch at D (inside the raised corridor) lowers platform D1, allowing access to the rest of the canal
Most other areas should be pretty self-evident. (In the large circular area in the southwest corner, there are two switches mounted on opposing pillars. One opens the door you came in through... the other opens the door to the rest of the level.)

At the bottom of the pool in the southeast corner, there is an underwater passageway that leads to several other areas. If you try to leave, and find that you can't... this is one area you should revisit; there are baddies in most (aboveground) nooks and crannies, many of which are only reachable via these passages. Be sure to check your map view often.

When you begin the level, it's a good idea to get straight to a pattern buffer, to give yourself a base. There are two within a relatively short distance of the starting point; they're labeled S1 and S2.

Beware of large ammo caches... they tend to guarded.

Available Weapons and Ammo

  • 1 Fusion Pistol
  • 1 Flamethrower
  • 1 Shotgun
  • 26 Magnum clips
  • 6 Fusion batteries
  • 20 AR clips
  • 8 Grenade packs
  • 5 Missiles
  • 2 Flamethrower canisters
  • 17 Shotgun shells


There is only one real secret on this level: in the raised passageway made accessible by the switch at C1, directly across from the platform, there is a secret door. Behind it is a 3x canister, a flamethrower, and several napalm canisters (and some shotgun shells). Following the passage, you'll come to a secret door next to the switch at C, but this is only openable from the other side. (Alternatively, you can come in from there to collect the goodies... but the monsters are easier to beat coming the other way.)
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