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Level 9 - I Know You're In There...

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  • Pick up cypher chip


You enter this level in a canyon, of sorts... with all sorts of nasties shooting at you from the ledges. Clear out a pocket somewhere, then use it as a place to cool down if it all gets too hectic. Side note: if you turn around from your starting position, you'll notice a save terminal on the ledge behind you. You can avoid a good half of this level by using your SPNKR to bounce yourself up there now. (This was aptly termed The Coward's HighwayTM by one of the beta testers.)

If you've chosen the honorable path, once the starting area is cleared out, you'll come to a fork (A). You can try the right fork... but it's pretty much of a dead end for the time being. Heading left, just follow your nose, killing everything in your path, until you come to a pattern buffer (B). Save your game, and look around.

You'll notice that the lava pit in front of you has a switch at the bottom of it... this brings up a platform to the level of the east-west passages. You are welcome to poke around up there... but they're all blocked off for the time being. (This was one of Tony's earlier levels, before he began to believe in allowing the player to choose the path.) Your most productive route will be straight ahead, south out of the lava pit area. (Before you go, though, raise the platform. It'll make your life a little easier later.) Take the ledge around the next lava pool, and then climb the self-building stairs. This will lead you to C, a switch that raises a pathway through the lava in front of you. (This is the lava pool you could see from the right fork at the start.) You can head back the way you came... or you can take a shortcut, and head for D, a newly opened passageway to another corner of the lava pool. You can grenade-jump to the newly-created path, or you can leap over to the thin ledge along the southern wall, which will take you into a small room from which you can see the end of the level. (You can't get there, of course.)

On the way back out (at point E), you can leap across to the end of the raised pathway, and continue along the ledges that surrounded you when you started. You have now reached the initial save term the Marine way.

Continue around until you reach a small platform-it's an elevator, not a teleporter, as it appears. It'll take you up to a room with a big cage full of assimilated Bobs... you can leave them or kill them, as you wish. The staircase out the east wall takes you down to a detention center (F), of sorts... more Bobs (both civilian and assimilated) are locked in their cages. You can pass them by, but there is a bit of ammo inside one of the cells... so it might be worth stopping in.

Next stop is the Bob Beef Plate (G). Hit the wall switch in front of you, and create instant Bob-B-Q. (You gain nothing from this, apart from the spine-tingling thrill of screaming Bobs.)

The next room contains a recharger and a save term. Good for folks who had just a little too much fun and fell into the pit themselves. The passageway out of this room leads back to the lava pit near B, and the act of walking away from the upper pattern buffer opens the two previously locked doors. If you haven't already raised the platform, do so now...and head all the way across to the far side. It's now a straight shot south to the exit term. You're done!

Available Weapons and Ammo

  • 1 Shotgun
  • 7 Magnum clips
  • 10 Fusion batteries
  • 6 AR clips
  • 3 Grenade packs
  • 4 Missiles
  • 20 Shotgun shells


  • Just after the raised pathway through the lava, there's a secret door leading to another corner ledge. You'll find some shotgun ammo here.
  • Halfway down the curving stairs that come after the first penned Bobs, the landing wall will yield to your action key, revealing a large ammo cache and a 3x recharger.

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