Origin of Species Spoiler Guide

Level 1 - R'n'R? Ha, ha, ha...

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  • Collect weapons and ammo
  • Recharge, Set starting condition


This is just an intro level. Collect the pistols on the copilot's seat (A), then head back and read instructions from Wotan. Once you've done this, the platforms (B) will lower, giving you access to an assault rifle, some ammo, and a 1x recharger. Save this game: now if you die on the next level before finding a pattern buffer, at least you won't have to do all the gathering again.

Available Weapons and Ammo

  • 2 Magnum Pistols
  • 1 Assault Rifle
  • 3 Magnum clips
  • 3 AR clips
  • 2 Grenade packs


There are no secrets.
Level 1 - R'n'R? Ha, ha, ha...Level 6 - respiteLevel 11 - Magnum Farce
Level 2 - The Goo, The Bad, and The UglyLevel 7 - Dad, Get Me Out Of ThisLevel 12 - Pure Of Heart, Brown Of Trouser
Level 3 - Lava Me TenderLevel 8 - Halls Of The Mountain KingsLevel 13 - final respite
Level 4 - Reservoir BobsLevel 9 - I Know You're In There...Level 14 - home
Level 5 - Sic Friat CrustulumLevel 10 - respite2 

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