Origin of Species Spoiler Guide

Level 14 - home

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  • Move chips to decryption units


Just when you thought you were done... during the docking procedure, it seems you've attracted a pfhor attack force. You need to bring the cypher chips from their installed slots (Wotan has nicely ejected them for you) into a decryption unit on the other side of the docking bay. Of course, this means a bunch of fighting. Grab either chip (if you grab the one at A, the door (D) will open for you, if you grab the one at B, you'll have to open it manually - ooooooo) and bring it up to the decryption unit at (C). The slot on the left opens the door at E, which will give you another crowd of baddies to fight through on the way back to the other chip... but the one on the right opens the door at F, so you're really not much better off. (In fact, since there's a nice ammo cache behind door E, that might be the better choice.

Once the coast is clear again, head on back and grab the other chip. Insert it into the open slot, and you're pretty much done. (You can go kill the newly-released baddies, if you want... but it's unlikely they'll reach you before you've read through the terminal to your left, so if you choose, you can just take off. Read through that last term, though... it explains a few things!

Available Weapons and Ammo

  • No weapons.
  • 3 Fusion batteries
  • 3 AR clips
  • 2 Grenade packs
  • 4 Missiles


There are no secrets.
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