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Level 2 - The Goo, The Bad, and the Ugly

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  • Collect chip to open second half of level
  • Set three bridge proxies to raise bridge to final term


To get to the final terminal of this level, you need to raise three segments of a bridge. This is done by raising three proxy segments in other parts of the map. Each proxy segment is controlled by a switch which is just out of view of the segment... so raising them properly requires turning the switch on and off, then seeing how close you came. When the top of the proxy segment is level with the crossbar of the inset it's built into, you've set the bridge segment properly. All areas can be returned to, so if you get it wrong, you can always go back and do it again. The three switches are marked S1, S2, and S3, and the proxy segments they control are P1, P2, and P3, respectively. (They link to their corresponding bridge segments.) This is useful information if you get one wrong, and need to try again.

The level starts out on a balcony that divides a large moat from a central vault. The balcony is split by a platform which forces you into the vault to get to the other side... hummers, fighters, and cyborgs will join you once inside. On the upper wall of the vault, there are a pair of switches. Against the opposite wall, you'll find a hidden door that opens to reveal a switch. Hitting this switch drops the central pillar in the vault, and reveals an uplink chip needed to access the second half of the level. Beware: entering the corridor that the switch is in will bring a large crowd of nasties to the party!

If you face the pair of high switches, the one one the left (triggered by a grenade) will drop an elevator to bring you up to the other side of the balcony. (The one on the right, which is also reachable once you're up on the other side, raises a walkway to the next area of the level.)

Once across the walkway, there are two large, darkened areas, separated by a pool and some stairs. On one side is a recharger and a switch that drops the platform dividing the balcony, on the other is a pattern buffer and a comm terminal. Ammo is strewn about, usually in the farthest reaches of these areas, requiring you to brave cyborgs and fighters to replenish your supply. Clear a path to the pattern buffer early.

Once the switch in the second area is thrown, you can head back to the central area, and around to the other side. You'll need to hop onto the balcony ledge in order to make the jump to the chip insertion slot... this is simple from the raised area where the blocking pillar stood.

Dropping down from the insertion slot, you should collect all the ammo in the darkened corridor, before heading to the far end for the switch on the backside of the last central pillar. This opens all the side doors that will open. Clear out all the baddies that appear, then explore the surrounding area. You can do any of the accessible areas in any order you choose, but there are some areas that are easier than others.

The first thing you should do is clear a path to the pattern buffer/recharger. There's a switch you need to hit in the first room on the left (as you stand next to the chip insertion slot). Once flipped, head to the last opening on the left, and up the stairs. (The switch you just hit lowered the platform blocking passage at that point.) When you come to the four-way-intersection, head left (north, on your map) and save. Continue on the same direction to open a door to the main corridor-this will facilitate access to these two panels.

Heading right from the insertion slot brings you to a large circular pool. A switch located on a pillar in the center raises a stairwell that provides access to the upper area. That area is pretty straightforward... there is always exactly one door open. Passing through it will give you access to a switch that opens a door on the opposite side. You'll jump back and forth a few times (fighting cyborg ambushes each time) until a teleporter in the central area opens. This would be a good time to go back and save. Once through the teleporter, you'll find yourself in a cross-shaped area, with baddies all over the place. There's good stuff at the end of each cross arm, including save terms, a recharger, one of the bridge proxies, and the way back to the main area. Do your stuff.

The other two proxies are reachable from that four-way-intersection you found near the pattern buffer. It's probably easier to do the upper one first: head east at the intersection, and clear as you go. Each time you come to a promontory overlooking the central pit, you'll be teleported across the way... so be sure you've cleared out at least some of the troopers on the other side before travelling across. (Hint: at the bottom of the four way intersection is a switch that floods the entire area with sewage. If you're having trouble with the sewage f'lickta at the bottom of the central pit, you can flood the area, and keep them from shooting at you. Alternatively, leave it unflooded to more easily kill them with range weapons.) The final room contains one of the proxies. After setting this, drop into the pit and head for the northwest corner, where (at the bottom) you'll find a secret door leading to a teleporter that'll bring you back to the insertion slot.

Heading south at the four way intersection brings you to an opening overlooking the same central pit. Opposite, in the middle of the far wall, is another opening. (If the pit is flooded, this is very easy to get to. Otherwise, you're best off heading back up to the top level and dropping in from one of the promontories.) This leads to the third bridge proxy.

Once all three are set, you can head out. Take the elevator that sits at the far end of the main corridor from the insertion slot, and head out to the term on the other side of the door. (Watch the fighters, and don't forget the ammo.) This term will teleport you to the close end of the bridge. If you set the levels right, you'll have a straight shot across to the final term. Beware of teleporting troopers!

Available Weapons and Ammo

  • 1 Assault Rifle
  • 1 Missile Launcher
  • 2 Shotguns
  • 32 Magnum clips
  • 23 AR clips
  • 16 Grenade packs
  • 2 Missiles
  • 17 Shotgun shells


There are no secrets, really, on this level... in the moat surrounding the starting island, you'll find a shotgun and some shells, and in the central pit that you can fill with sewage later on, you'll find a rocket launcher and some missiles. These aren't hidden, however... they're simply not on the beaten path.
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