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Command and Control
The Roach Farm
Citizen Cain
Frying Tonight!
Boy Are My Arms Tired
Can't Be Too Careful Nowadays
No More TV Dinners
You Were Dead, Now You Are Restored
Say Bro, Are You Willing And Abel?
Big Pig
Burn! Burn! Burn!
Damage Is Our Middle Name
Aggressive Marketing
Death Of Drummand
Doughnuts For Dinner
Say It With Grenades
Lune Noire
Savage Streak
Eat Your Microwave
Non Dormit, Qui Custodit
Have Gun, Will Travel
From Our Bacon Menu
Dance The Last Waltz With Me

The Trojan Spoiler Guide

Welcome to the official spoiler guide for the Marathon 2 for Windows scenario "Trojan".

This guide gives a complete level-by-level description of how to complete the Trojan scenario, containing the full maps of each level along with a comprehensive walkthrough.

We recommend using the menu on the left hand side of the screen to select directly the page you require, rather than browsing through the entire guide page-by-page.

By reading the full guide before playing the game you'll only end up spoiling your enjoyment of the game itself. It's much more of an achievement to complete Trojan without help, but we do acknowledge that a little assistance might come in handy now and again...


The Trojan Spoiler Guide was brought to you by:

Jos Delbar
Hamish Sanderson <>
Mike Trinder <> (HTML conversion)

Additional help was kindly given by:

Chris Ashton


The Trojan Spoiler Guide is © Jos Delbar and Hamish Sanderson.

This guide may be distributed freely, although it may not be modified in any way. We certainly encourage its distribution alongside the original Trojan package. None of this material may be distributed for profit, in any way, without written permission from the Trojan project supervisor.

Trojan is copyright © Jason Aguiar, Chris Ashton, Steve Campbell, Mike Clayton, Jos Delbar, Jesse Freeman, Nicholas Graham, Charles Hamper, John Carlo Maffei, Ben Matasar, David Opdyke , Hamish Sanderson, Nick Singer, Ed Sludden, Tony Smith and Tom Worth.
(Additional parts may be copyright © Bungie Software Products Corporation)...