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Citizen Cain
Frying Tonight!

Frying Tonight!
  Author Jos Delbar
Objective Repair (activate 4 reactor control rods)

You arrive in the colony's backup reactor facility...

As long as you don't make too much noise, you'll be safe where you are now, so take your time to read the comm terminal.

Frying Tonight!

When that is done, clear the large, lava-filled area of all alien life. (There is also a handy pattern buffer nearby.) Then make your way to the western wall and enter the service conduit there. At the end of the conduit, jump down and go through the door on the right. In the farthest room you will find switch 1, which will lift bridge A. Go back a bit until you reach a group of 4 elevators in a row. Use them to return to the lava-filled area, and climb the stairway to the south up to the now raised bridge A...

Use the 2x recharger and then ride the small elevator to your left. You will be greeted by a large group of monsters just around the corner. After killing them, use switch 2a to open door B. Somewhere in the dark, twisting corridors here you will find switch 3 and switch 4, which respectively raise stairway C and open door D. You can now flip switch 5 and thus open door E into a long passageway leading to one of the two reactor control rooms. After dealing with the monsters above, flip the two switches to lower the first two reactor control rods. Then find switch 2b and switch 6 and flip them. Go back to door B, which will be open once again. The large elevator to the east will also be working now; ride it to the second control room and flip the two switches there to lower the remaining control rods.

To leave the level, go back to the initial comm terminal. Don't forget to recharge and save along the way though, because the next level, Boy Are My Arms Tired, is a real killer...

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