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Big Pig
Burn! Burn! Burn!
Damage Is Our Middle Name

Big Pig
  Author Chris Ashton
Objective Exterminate
Big Pig

Big Pig

Your first contact with GenCorp...

This level is about as straightforward as they can get, so all you can find here is the location of the three switches. There are a number of Gencorp troopers here who will fight on your side, though you'll still have to do most of the exterminating yourself.

Use the comm terminal here, then save. After killing the monsters on the other side of the door, go west. Instead of going down the staircase further on, head for switch 1. Now retrace your steps to platform A, which is now active. In the first room to your left, a recharger is hidden in the central pillar. Continue south to the room with the lava pool. Exterminate the aliens in the surrounding rooms and corridors before descending the stairway to the east of the lava pool. Here you will find switch 2 which lowers platform B. Head up the south stairway. Turn left to find a 3x recharger, then explore the remaining corridors. Activate switch 3 (there is a handy pattern buffer nearby), then head for door C. The comm terminal there will take you to the next level, Burn! Burn! Burn!, once you've killed all the aliens in this level...

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