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Citizen Cain
Frying Tonight!

Citizen Cain
  Author Tony Smith
Objective Destroy (destroy 4 circuit panels)

You feel the presence of a rampant AI...

First, make your way down the corridor and kill all the aliens in your way.

The Roach Farm

At the end of the long corridor there is a pattern buffer and a switch. Trigger switch 1 with a grenade, wait a moment for door A to open, then shoot the switch again to lock it in the open position (it's much easier than trying to run to door A before it shuts again!). Use the teleporter beyond it. You will arrive in a room with a comm terminal containing a message from Cain. Be sure to read it carefully, as it explains in detail how to finish this level...

Jump down to the dark, circular room below (the Computer Core), and clear it of aliens. The nearby teleporter will return you to the starting point of the level. This time, you can enter the main part of the level through the door to the east (which is now unlocked). It will open into the middle of a long corridor. Deal with the aliens here first, then go north and ride the right-hand elevator to the top level. From here, go to switch 2 and flip it, this will allow passage to the first circuit panel (circuit panel 3) that you need to destroy. Shoot or punch it.

Now go back to the ground level, but don't forget to use the recharger and the pattern buffer before you leave, and find the garbage crusher (platform E). If you're particularly crafty, try to lure as many monsters as possible on the crusher and kill them by flipping switch 5. Once that is done, destroy the second circuit panel (circuit panel 4) and then use the crusher as a lift the corridors above. Find your way to the third circuit panel (circuit panel 6) and destroy it.. Your work is done here now...

Use the first teleporter to return to the Computer Core. By now, doors C and D will be open and platform F will be active as well. Flipping the switch next to door D will raise a bridge leading to the final large circuit panel. After destroying it, activate the comm terminal. See you in Frying Tonight!...

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