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Non Dormit, Qui Custodit
Have Gun, Will Travel
From Our Bacon Menu

Non Dormit, Qui Custodit
  Author Nicholas Graham
Objective Retrieve an Alien artefact

Your search for the Alien artefact begins...

You arrive in a room that contains a comm terminal, a 3x recharger, a pattern buffer and a limited suppy of ammo. Use them before proceeding.

Non Dormit, Qui Custodit

Go to the corridor outside and head north. Jump from the ledge to your right to the chamber below. Here you will find more ammo (be warned: conserve ammo, especially heavy munitions, as you will need them most in the later part of the map), and a long shaft leading down to the alien area. You will land near a teleporter that will take you back to the initial room at any time. However, you should first use the elevator to the right. You will arrive in a large room with a number of hexagonal steps leading to the exit near the ceiling. Beyond this room is a large area with the locked door A in the far left corner and a corridor heading west from the far right. At the end of this corridor and down the lift you will find switch 1, which you must flip. Afterwards head for door A, which is now open. A long corridor awaits you, with a dark, lava-filled room at the end. Carefully make your way around the pools (look out for the homing fighter bolts) and head on to a door leading into a large room with a Juggernaut inside (note: the teleporter before the door is useful if you need to go back and save/recharge at this point). You'll almost certainly need to secure this room before hitting switch 2 to activate platform B. Use this to reach the exit in the southwest corner; you'll find a teleporter to take you to the next part of the level.

You'll now find yourself in the rectangular room just north of the lava room with the walkway through it which you previously passed through. Follow the winding path to a circular room with a small lava pool The door to the north will allow you to return to the start of the level (once you have the artefact it will be locked), and the platform to the right of it will take you into a long, winding trench. To get out, follow the trench all the way to the end, where an elevator will take you to a higher point. Jump down (but try not to fall in the trench this time) and go to the elevator in the south-east corner. This will take you to a large chamber containing the Alien Boss and the alien artefact.

Destroy the boss, preferably using your heavy munitions (you did save some, didn't you? - bullets won't work; only grenades, missiles and energy weapons). The best technique is to keep sidestepping in a large circle around the boss in order to dodge its fire whilst blasting away. It may take some practice, but at this stage you can still get back to recharge via your previous route. Once the boss is destroyed, grenade-hop onto the ledge and collect the artefact. Leave the room by means of the corridor to the west. You will come to a familiar junction, but this time you'll need to jump the gap, which leads to the large hexagonal room to the west. There are aliens here, but at this stage you may find discretion the better (and less fatal) part of valour. There is a door and narrow corridor in the recess to the west (next to the lift); this will take you to another room with a lava tank in the middle (and another juggernaut, which again, you may prefer to outrun). The exit is on the far side, and from there it's easy enough to get back to the inital room, where you can use the comm terminal to teleport to the next level, Have Gun, Will Travel...

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