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Non Dormit, Qui Custodit
Have Gun, Will Travel
From Our Bacon Menu

From Our Bacon Menu
  Author Charles Hamper
Objective Get to the end
Take a good look, this is the last time you'll ever see Troy Colony again...

From Our Bacon Menu

From Our Bacon Menu

You arrive in the center of one of four lava pools, specifically the south-west one. Jump to the ledge and kill all the monsters there, stop by the recharger, and head for the north-west pool. Look out for juggernauts as you go; either kill them or outrun them, but either way they can do a lot of damage if you're not careful. Take the platform in the north-west pool down to switch 1 and flip it. Then head back and cross platform A first to the pattern buffer, and then to the door. The room behind this door contains switch 2. Be careful though, as there are two secret rooms with aliens concealed in the walls! Head for the now active platform B, in the south-west lava pool. Ride it to the corridor below and make your way to platform C. Shoot switch 3 to activate platform C, taking you up to a 3x recharger, and to switch 4. Flip it, then retrace your steps to platform D, which is in the lava pool you arrived in.

Ride it down and proceed into the corridor below. You will pass a few doors and a stairway, and you will eventually come to a large door facing south-east. Open it (look out for the tanks!) and use the 2x recharger if required. You must also flip switch 5 which is located there as well. Pass door E and take a left, where you will find a pattern buffer. Then headeast and go through the first door you come across. Jump into the large landing bay ahead, head for switch 6, and flip it. Run around the trench to door F (if you're quick, you can shoot the tanks before they get in range so you have a clear path to outrun the juggernaut - close combat here can be very fatal indeed!). Access the small service duct this door was concealing, and you will come to a second docking bay. Again run along the side of the chamber until you come to a second service duct. It leads to switch 7, which you must flip. Then climb onto platform G and ride it to the final comm terminal. Activate it to teleport to the next and final level, Dance The Last Waltz With Me...

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