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You Were Dead, Now You Are Restored
Say Bro, Are You Willing And Abel?

You Were Dead, Now You Are Restored
  Author Charles Hamper
Objective Get to the end

You arrive in the middle of an ampitheater-like room, bombarded from all directions...

You Were Dead, Now You Are Restored

You Were Dead, Now You Are Restored

You need to get away from the center as soon as possible, so quickly grab the Shotgun ammo and jump off the central pier onto the surrounding ledge (the best way is to jump off the side rather than the end of the pier; the raised edge will give you sufficient boost in height to cross the lava pit). The aliens will have a harder time hitting you now. Go to switch 1 and flip it once to lower platform A... and again when it resets. Run to platform A and wait for it to rise. Go to the left and use the elevator at the end to reach the third level, follow it to the right and use the stairs to reach the highest level, where switch 2 is located. Trigger switch 2 to open door B (you may want to trigger it again to lock the door in the open position). When door B is open, jump to it and use the pattern buffer at the other side.

Flip switch 3 and wait for platform C to come down. Flip it again and quickly stand on platform C, which is about to rise. Once you're in sight of switch 4, hit it with a grenade and then jump onto Platform D, which is now rising. This will take you to a long corridor with a recharger in the middle. Go through the door at the end of the corridor. The lava-filled room you are now in has several platforms that you will have to use carefully, because there's no way out of the lava. Jump to the alcove containing switch 5 via the moving lift and flip it to raise platform E. Make your way across to platform E and from there jump to the alcove containing switch 6. Hit switch 6 and quickly jump on platform F as it rises. Use switch 7 to open door G. Now head for a large lava room with a narrow raised path through the middle. Cross it and flip switch 8 just around the corner. Afterwards, retrace your steps until you come to platform H, which will be lowered now. Recharge, flip switch 9 to open door I and save.

Now head back to door I. It will be open now, so go through it and follow the corridor to the end. (Watch out for the crazed zombie Bobs on your way, they've been sniffing too much alien goo recently!) You will arrive in an area with three platforms in the center. First flip the right-hand far switch 10 (you can flip both if you like, though it's not neccessary) to open the door out (door J) , then jump on the lowest of the three platforms. The platforms will activate in series, enabling you to reach platform J.

Head on to the very large platform that takes you up to switch 11 (opens door K) and a recharger, and down to a low-level corridor. After flipping the switch, enter the corridor and find the final comm terminal at the end. Now on to Say Bro, Are You Willing and Abel?...

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