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Sunday December 31  

And the answer is...

Yes by Elliot Gray on June 1, 2023.

Elliot Gray (@elliottgray) is a Staff UI Designer at Bungie working on Marathon. He's been a Marathon fan since 1995, a Grizzled Ancient you might say. He created a Marathon 2 novelty map called "Death From Above" with reverse gravity. But we won't hold that against him.

I had the pleasure of meeting Elliot at Bungie this year and can say that Marathon is in good hands with enthusiasm like his.

Daniel Gray is a material and character artist in Norfolk, United States. He recently created a nice representation of the UESC Marathon Helmet from the Marathon Announcement.

UESC Marathon Helmet by Daniel Gray on ArtStation. December 27, 2023.

Daniel writes:
As a follow up to my "UESC Marathon Runner" project, I created a UESC helmet. My goals for this project were to incorporate more detail into the model before moving to texturing and to create cleaner geometry. I incorporated UDIM tiles and better UV packing into my workflow, while becoming more intentional with my UV island scales to have more localized detail within the textures.
Daniel also created an impressive 360° movie of the helmet design.

You can see more of Daniel Gray's work on his ArtStation page.

"Hey! Wait. What was the question."

Saturday December 30  

"'s a mix of rampant AIs, mysterious alien precursors, unknowable space entities and high saturation clone firefights..."
PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted 2023. #10 Marathon. November 30, 2023.

2023 has been a strange year but it's nearly over.

Back in May 25, 2023 when everybody was talking about a little known game...

...which was about another little known game, Ghostvirus wrote:
"In Marathon Infinity the english word caution is written on the fans of an ancient Jjaro station. Implying the Jjaro were human AIs."
Ghostvirus (my name is Kevin) is a well known Marathon/Halo/Destiny lore YouTuber.

Fast forward to November 20, 2023.

A@®Ø𝝿 (my name is Aaron), a guy who changed his name on Marathon Discord so it would be hard to replicate in HTML, wrote:
"i was today years old when i noticed that the Jjaro split door texture says "CAUTION" on it. (well, "AUTION")"
Aaron posted an enlarged version of the Infinity fans/door texture with the letters highlighted:

Marathon Infinity texture by A@®Ø𝝿 on Marathon Discord. November 20, 2023.

So the Jjaro, an ancient alien race who disappeared from our galaxy millions ago, wrote CAUTION in English on their abandoned space station?

One can only presume assume that the Jjaro knew that humans would be along soon™ sticking their fingers into places they shouldn't.

John Zelman, illustrator & ex icon artist at Bungie, got a CAUTION from his sister this Christmas.

Caution stickers by John Zelman on December 24, 2023.

John wrote: "I'm gonna put these EVERYWHERE"

Marathon Bob by Reginald Dujour. 1994.

2023 has been a strange year but it's nearly over... thankully.

CAUTION  timeline reset in... 3... 2...

(circumstances are cyclical)

Friday December 29  

Today we feature a really nice character piece of the Marathon's security officer by Buzboz (@GerardsJulien), an artist in Belgium (EU), on .

Marathon by Buzboz (@GerardsJulien) on October 26, 2022.

Concerning the piece Buzboz wrote:
Little Marathon piece (background is just a concept art cause I'm lazy)
The background is of course Craig Mullins' compiler image, his first fan based piece from early 1994.

Compiler by Craig Mullins. February/March 1994.

You can read about the background to this image and the different versions of it on The Marathon Art of Craig Mullins section.

In Buzboz's piece you will see some of Craig's artwork also reflected in the helmet visor which is a nice touch. Makes you feel like you are there!

Marathon by Buzboz (@GerardsJulien) on October 26, 2022.

Thursday December 28  

So back on December 9th we featured the Marathon magnetic token given to Bungie developers to mark the six months milestone since the Marathon announcement on May 24, 2023.

You know the one.


It looks like something else but I can't say what anymore.

But I digress.

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing.

John Zelman an illustrator & ex icon artist at Bungie, who was recently impacted by the layoffs, shared a Christmas gift he received from Bungie.

Bungie magnetic tokens by John Zelman on December 26, 2023.

Yes, even though he had been let go Bungie sent him his milestone tokens, including the Marathon one.

I'll let John tell his story...

And I got ones for Plunder and Seraph even though I was only an intern then

Merry goddamn Christmas

I am such a profound mix of incredibly happy and also so so sad again but I'm far more happy that I got these than I am sad rn


I am w e e p i n g

Thank you

A true Christmas miracle!

Wednesday December 27  

And now for something completely different.

Infestation by wrkncacnter on Marathon Discord. December 16, 2023.

The above video, entitled Infestation, shows you what can happen to your Marathon-inspired home over Christmas if left unattended.

Marathon concept living by Nathan Gillner on Behance. May 27, 2023.

You might recognise this infestation as one of the ambient life forms in Marathon Infinity. These were created by DoubleAught's David Longo.

Randy Reddig (aka ydnar) revealed the official names of these creatures in an post shortly after the release of the Infinity demo. He wrote:
the two legged cricket characters are called grendelbeasts, the beachballs are called potatoanuses, and the floating chars are mothrids.
The beachballs (potatoanuses) in Marathon Infinity are similar to the alien life in John Carpenter's 1974 science fiction film Dark Star.

Dark Star by John Carpenter. March 30, 1974

After twenty years in space destroying unstable planets that might threaten future colonization of other planets the crew of the space ship Dark Star have met only one alien life form... a beachball-like creature.




The crew treat the creature with disdain. This antagonism appears to be mutual leading to numerous comedic scenes.

Dark Star also introduces us to artificially intelligent Thermostellar Triggering Devices which can talk and reason. These AIs are responsible for triggering the planet destroying Thermostellar Devices (aka bombs).

Thermostellar Device in Dark Star by John Carpenter. March 30, 1974

When things go (inevitably) wrong the crew must resort to phenomenology to reason with a bomb's AI not to trigger itself and destroy the ship.

Good luck with that!

Tuesday December 26  

In some countries December 26th is called "Boxing Day".

Marathon Security Officer by Paloma P. Torres on Behance.

Blaap! by Michio Hashimoto (aka Miha) from the Marathon Comic.

Happy Boxing Day!

Of course it was Jason Jones who famously wrote:
ah, grasshopper, the most accessable weapon of all is your own fists, you must learn to lay aside your weapons of steel and use your flesh.
The rest they say is history.

You have to be of a certain age to get the significance of the grasshopper reference.

On the subject of grasshoppers...

Mantis by Drew Hill Studio on September 21, 2023

No this is not the new Pfhor look in Marathon!

Drew Hill, a concept artist working on Fortnite wrote:
I was inspired by Bungie's Marathon trailer so I designed this guy for fun.
Drew Hill went on to create another Marathon-inspired character called Wire.

Wire by Drew Hill Studio on September 25, 2023

Here they are both together.

Mantis and Wire by Drew Hill Studio on September 25, 2023

Monday December 25  

Happy Holidays.

Merry S'phtmas! by José Connolly (aka RatDadJoe) on ArtStation. December 24, 2023

Concerning the above artwork José Connolly writes:
Client work for a unannounced project

I was tasked with creating a holiday card for a client that would have the same style and feel of old school Bungie Christmas cards!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Check out more of José Connolly's artwork on ArtStation and on .

On the subject of old school Bungie Christmas cards the one below is not that old but one we should not forget.

Home for the Holidays by Lorraine McLees.

Home for the Holidays by Lorraine McLees. December 2021.

Home for the Holidays by Lorraine McLees. December 2021.

It was Lorraine's Thanksgiving artwork turned into a Christmas Card for 2021.

Hopefully this Christmas you are not sitting down to a Greater Nightmare.

At this time of year Marathoner's feast on Chockisens.

If you have never seen a Chockisen don't worry you probably will.

Just make sure you are wearing your Battle Armor.


As is the tradition General-RADIX has created a new piece of Marathon-inspired Christmas art for this year entitled... 'tis the season for Durandal and R'uza the Red-Robed Reindeer.

Merry Christmas 2023 by General-RADIX on DeviantArt. December 24, 2023

Here is her past Marathon-inspired Christmas art.
2020 and smoochy... smoochy
Check out General-RADIX's artwork on DeviantArt and tumblr .

Sunday December 24     Home Pfhor the Holidays


FUCK by DLU/Deimos (@Matrix_XV) on May 25, 2023.

Merry Christmas to all Story page readers... everywhere!

And to get you into that festive Marathon spirit here are some cool yule tidings from ghosts of Christmas past:

President People's The Twelve Days of CRISTmas Version 2 and now Version 3 with images!

Ben Wigler's Jingle Bells.

Dr. Lex's Jingle Bobs!
According to the good Doctor himself:   "Remember Jingle Bobs? If you don't have the Marathon 2 CD, you've missed something. Luckily, this map brings the original Jingle Bobs to your own Mac, performed live by the Bob Boogie Choir."

poena.dare's The White Christmas Term.

Battle Cat's  Christmas Aboard the Marathon
The 12 Days of Marathon Christmas.

Have a good one. :)


Christmas Eve marks the 7 months anniversary of the Marathon announcement... May 24, 2023.

Coincidence or something more?

Here is a random set of images highlighting what was going on in the last 7 months.

Saturday December 23    

"From the series that paved the way for Halo..."
PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted 2023. #10 Marathon. November 30, 2023.

Another excellent Halo/Marathon-inspired piece by concept artist Rythayze.

This one goes by the enigmatic title  Look To The Stars...  Look For The Signs .

Look To The Stars by Rythaze on December 16, 2023.

The title is reminiscent of the famous end quote by Ned "Scotty" Scott in the 1951 film 'The Thing from Another World', namely " Watch the skies. Everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies. "

Regarding the glare effect in the image Rythaze wrote: " I printed it and took a picture. "

Rythaze also did a complementary image entitled 100,000 years which you can now buy as a poster.

100,000 years by Rythaze on December 16, 2023.

One thing is for sure... the Marathon symbol is not going away.

According to Rythaze his artwork was inspired by Phil Hale's cover art for The Halo Graphic Novel (first published in 2006). The novel contains artwork by the likes of Jean "Moebious" Giraud,  Simon Bisley,  Tsutomu Nihei,  Doug Alexander,  Lorraine McLees,  Robert McLees,  Eddie Smith,  Christopher Barrett  and the epic...

Low Carry by Craig Mullins from the Halo Graphic Novel (page 126).

Friday December 22    

Playing Marathon at Christmas is like watching Die Hard at Christmas... it's a tradition.

Bigger Guns Nearby by juzo-kun on DeviantArt. December 27, 2004.

Now before you ask... " When did Die Hard become a Christmas movie? "

You either believe or you don't.

But I digress.

Obsessively playing Marathon at Christmas leads to the inevitable... juzo-kun Christmas party game...
"You've played too much Marathon when..."
Match the right image to the right punchline!

Seven images... seven punchlines... you do the maths!

If you can read Italian please leave the party room!

Here are the seven images by juzo-kun.

Here are the seven punchlines translated into English by juzo-kun.

You've played too much Marathon when... try to turn on the lights smashing a fist on the switch."

You've played too much Marathon when...
...your significant other use your descriptions of game sessions as a substitute for sleeping pills.


"...because there was a point when I noticed that the wall was slightly blah blah blah...

You've played too much Marathon when... printed all the Story Page on paper so you can easily read it when the computer is turned off.

"...out of paper? Again?

You've played too much Marathon when.... tried to build a level using your apartament as a base.

"I'll put a flick'ta in the bathroom!"

"Yes, in the shower... give me back that computer! I need it!

You've played too much Marathon when...
...the folder on your significant other's computer where you store all the data related to the game needs a DVD when it's time to backup it.

"How big is it?!?"

"Two gigabyte... and something... nearly three...

You've played too much Marathon when... go in a mind-storm when you see a 7 printed somewhere.

"Hmmm... the sum of the code's digits is seven..."

"Would you please validate that ticket and go on the bus?

You've played too much Marathon when... tried to translate the entire trilogy, despite the fact you know English like the hidden face of the moon.

(as you can see -_-; -- JK)

"How do I translate 'rampant'?"

"...try with 'fanatic'...

Thanks to juzo-kun for her faith and art!

Thursday December 21    

Happy 29th Birthday... Marathon.

Yes folks, Marathon was released 29 years ago today.

Just in time for Christmas.

But only if you were on the nice list!

Be nice this Christmas.

Or else!

Bigger Guns Nearby by Deimos-Remus (Nathan Anderson) on DeviantArt. October 5, 2010.

Wednesday December 20    

Some nice Marathon-inspired sketches by Astra (@MOON_D3AD) on

Marathon inspired by Astra on May 26, 2023.
Astra writes:
"I'm too young to have played the originals, and while I'm thankful for the things they did for gaming, I won't pretend I don't enjoy competitive high stakes pvp and the new art style they're going for."

Marathon doodles by Astra on May 27, 2023.

Marathon doodles by Astra on May 27, 2023.

If you were seven when Marathon first came out how old would you be today?
(a)   29
(b)   36
(c)   42

Tuesday December 19    

He's making a list, he's checking it twice
He's gonna find out who is naughty or nice

Marathon Cyborg by Tim Kelly on DeviantArt. October 27, 2008.

Tin Kelly's Marathon Cyborg sketch has... That Look!

More Magnum than Blue Steel?

Tim created it for the birthday of Phobos-Romulus (Neal D. Anderson).

Neal went ahead and added some color!

More Blue Steel than Magnum?

Tim Kelly's Marathon Cyborg inked by Phobos-Romulus. November 12, 2008.

Just don't be naughty this Christmas.

Or else!

Monday December 18    

Seven days to Christmas!

To get you in the festive spirit here is one of those images that makes you look twice, perhaps thrice!

Christmas decoration or something more?

Artwork by Myrzir on Marathon Discord. May 11, 2023.

Some see Marathon. Some see the Traveller. Some see Quake.

What do you see?

Jason shows us Quake filmed by Tuncer Deniz

Sunday December 17    

Happy Last Polygon Filled Day!

Jason Jones wrote in the Bungie credits terminal on Ingue Ferroque:
Last polygon filled 6:05 PM Saturday, December 14.
Carnage ensued closely thereafter.  Er, I mean sleep.
The only problem was that December 14, 1994 was not a Saturday it was a Wednesday!

It's not really surprising that he got the date wrong given the circumstances. Jason wrote:
Marathon is finished.  We've slept <10 hours over the last
four days.  We all put our hearts into this, not to mention
the 14 hour days for months on end, so we hope you like it.
Dan Meltz, a good friend of Jason Jones and author of the Pathways Into Darkness Official Hint Book, dropped into the Bungie office on Friday 16th and reported the following:
"i stopped by tonight (to give greg and jason their xmas gifts) and jason was so tired and bleary-eyed that he didn't open his present until we poked him."
By Monday 19th Marathon was finished and in duplication. To get as many copies out the door in time for Christmas Bungie shipped 1000 copies as flat packs (no boxes). Jason Jones explained the decision at an eWorld Conference event:
"We shipped a bunch of flat packs (no boxes) to MacWarehouse before Christmas because we decided it would be better to send them 1k flat packs than 100 with boxes. I hope everyone agrees (same thing for Macworld SF) ... I'm just sorry we didn't include a note to that effect in the package, as I think a lot of people would have liked to be given a reason for not getting a box."
Some people did receive an explanation letter however. It read:
"We knew the importance of sending Marathon off to you in time for the Holiday season. However, the manufacturer could not deliver the product to us in time, in its usual packaging. Therefore, we are sending you the complete Marathon package (diskettes and manual) without the box. We feel that having Marathon in your hand in time for the Holidays will make this trade-off worthwile."
Thanks to Tuncer Deniz (Inside Mac Games) we can glimpse back in time to those exhausting development days. Marathon lived up to its name... it was a marathon!

The Marathon Home Videos filmed by Tuncer Deniz

The first video segment is dated August 26, 1994 and shows Jason and his team of programmers working on Marathon's source code. The last video segment shows some of the solo levels being play tested along with shots of the finished Marathon box.

You can almost feel the mood change as the video progresses.

Happy Last Polygon Filled Day!

Saturday December 16    

And now for something completely different.

The old adage goes... a picture is worth a thousand words.

However this picture is worth a thousand stories.

OCTOBER MADNESS by Emett (@KSteakay) on December 12, 2022.

Now before you ask... "How is this Marathon-related?"  check out this small scene in the picture.

Bouquet by Emett (@KSteakay) on October 8, 2022.

What's the Marathon's security officer doing in this surreal nightmare? Well that's for you to work out.

The above artwork was created by Emett (@KSteakay), a 2D/3D artist and Level designer currently working for @90sGraphics and Momentum Games.

Emett took part in the 2022 Inktober challenge (31 days, 31 drawings). The end result of his drawing and inking marathon was an enormous tableau of cosmopolitan dystopia where every character has a story... even the chicken!

You just need to tell it!

Marathon In Dystopian Arcology

Friday December 15    

Back in 2020 Garrett Post, a concept artist at ProbablyMonsters in Seattle, wrote:
"Early on in the pandemic I became obsessed with redesigning characters from Bungie's 1994 FPS Marathon..."
So was born one of the largest collections of Marathon redesigns.

Everything from the titular colony ship to the ubiquitous Pfhor repair drones (aka Hummers). But these were not your father's Hummers.

Garrett Post's Marathon redesigns can be seen on ArtStation and on .

One in particular caught my attention.

S'pht Compiler by Garrett Post on October 16, 2020.

Garrett Post wrote:
"The iconic and creepy S'pht Compiler from Bungie's Marathon."

"Want to do a final color version at some point. I would LOVE to see these guys on the next-gen consoles."

Marathon concept art posted by Christopher Barrett on May 24, 2023.

Marathon concept art posted by Christopher Barrett (@oryxeleven) on May 24, 2023.

As they say in Marathon... circumstances are cyclical. (ref)

Thursday December 14    

Marathon Dark Mode.

Tau Ceti arrival by melon (@meloneslada) on May 28, 2023

A few days after the Marathon announcement melon (@meloneslada) gave us "Tau Ceti arrival", an impressive Blender rendition of  "Marathon Lady"  ready for action in her covert gear.

Below are some of melon's work in progress pics.

Tau Ceti arrival WIP by melon (@meloneslada) on May 25, 2023

Tau Ceti arrival WIP by melon (@meloneslada) on May 28, 2023

Tau Ceti arrival WIP by melon (@meloneslada) on May 28, 2023

The inspiration for this piece is taken from the Marathon concept art posted by Christopher Barrett (Marathon's Game Director) on May 24, 2023.

Marathon concept art posted by Christopher Barrett (@oryxeleven) on May 24, 2023.

Concerning his "Marathon Lady" piece melon recently wrote:
"I kinda hate this piece now
another marathon reboot themed thing could be cool tho"

Wednesday December 13    

Guns. Lots of guns.

Inspired by the many gun designs featured in the Marathon announcement James-Ross McNab, a concept artist @ Deviation Games, has put together a gallery of Marathon-inspired guns.

DMR by James-Ross McNab on ArtStation.

DMR by James-Ross McNab on ArtStation.

Here's a more detailed workup of one of them.

Kinetic DMR by James-Ross McNab on ArtStation.

Kinetic DMR by James-Ross McNab on ArtStation.

James also put together a nice collage of reference material for his work.

Kinetic DMR by James-Ross McNab on ArtStation.

How many do you recognise?

Check out James-Ross McNab's artwork on ArtStation.

In other news...

In the heavens... Bungie are watching.

Bungie have partnered with GameSquare company Stream Hatchet to leverage Stream Hatchet's SaaS tools to gain profound insights into audience engagement.

What does this all mean in plain English?

Well according to MIDA...
the watchdogs watch
endless eyes artificial smiles
convenience as comfort
comfort as cage
fate is a program

Bungie are watching YOU

Tuesday December 12    

Strike a pose!

Reprise by melon (@meloneslada) on December 10, 2023.

This might look like a poster for an upcoming Marathon movie... but it's not. It's a striking Blender rendition by melon (@meloneslada) entitled "Reprise".

The image nicely captures the height difference between the security officer and Marathon's enigmatic compiler (aka S'pht).

Concerning the compiler Leela told us:
I have learned that there is an Alien creature that is capable of interfacing with our systems.

You must kill any of these creatures that you find. It is a priority that we stop them. Even now, they are penetrating my defenses.

Marathon. Arrival (Terminal 4).
Not easy as the compiler had a nasty habit of silently sneaking up behind you as demonstrated at the end of Bigger Guns Nearby...

Oh and if you happen to pick up the Hypervision on this level you are most definitely... toast... blue toast!

Marathon is blue and there's nothing I can do.

Thank you Jason Jones.

The 'Sucker' Trap on Bigger Guns Nearby... by Jason Jones!

On the subject of compilers sneaking up behind you melon's work in progress pic is aptly captioned... " he's right behind me isn't he " .

Reprise WIP by melon (@meloneslada) on December 8, 2023.

Monday December 11    

Rythaze recently posted a nice piece of Marathon/Halo-related art under the title  Hulk - Drinol - Sharquoi.

Hulk - Drinol - Sharquoi by Rythaze (@Rythayze) on 9, 2023.

Back on December 5, 2021 Paul Russel (@docabominable) wrote:
"Most of the characters in halo were inspired in spirit by earlier Bungie characters. When Halo was still set in the Marathon universe and Cortana's base code was Durandal's, Shiek designed, and I built and animated the Drinol and it was FORMIDABLE."
FORMIDABLE is certainly an apt description for the Hulk (aka Drinniol)

Death of the Hulk by Craig Mullins. One of five pieces Craig did as fan art!

The Hulk only ever appears on two Marathon levels both by Greg Kirkpatrick. Greg obviously had a soft spot for the Hulk adding it later to Blaspheme Quarantine much to everyone's surprise.

Hulk vs B.O.B by Deimos-Remus (aka Nathan Anderson) on DeviantArt. October 19, 2007.

Don't be like Johnny!

Hulk by Garrett Post (@garrettpostart) on October 15, 2020.

Use the Lazyboy.

Official Marathon screenshot entitled "Poor Hulk".

Sunday December 10    

2009 (April 8) - now

The Bungie logo today is based on a modified version of a logo created in 1994 by who?

1994 - 2009 (April 7)

Who created the 1994 Bungie logo was a common fanfest trivia question in the late 90s and early 00s.

It seems the answer has now been lost (or perhaps no longer believed) which prompted some intrepid fans to seek out  The Man  for the tru7h... again!

Iritscen on The Fourth Curtain Discord. Times in GMT.

The man behind the curtain appeared!

The Man will see you now!

Alexander Seropian (steakbacon) on The Fourth Curtain Discord. Times in GMT.

So J. Reginald Dujour, the creator of the Marathon symbol, also created the Bungie logo we see today. His original design was tweaked on April 8, 2009.

Reg's original Marathon symbol was also tweaked recently.


Describing the original Marathon symbol Reg wrote:
"I designed the icon to represent a world within a world... Marathon the spaceship being build inside a hollowed asteroid."
Which probably explains this.

UESC Marathon final concept art by Tom Hicks

Saturday December 9, 2023    

What's in a symbol?


Bungie recently gave developers who were working at Bungie at the time of the Marathon announcement a magnetic token to mark the six months milestone.

Pic by @AmiTheRobot

Pic by m1k3y60659

Marking game milestones or specific events with magnetic tokens is something of a tradition at Bungie.

Garrett Jones's 2020 tokens.

You can even get a Bungie shield to stick them on.

Tristan Root's shield with tokens marking 15 years at Bungie.

The 'restroom' symbol first appeared on a Marathon hoodie worn by Scott Taylor (General Manager for Marathon) during the Somewhere In The Heavens - ViDoc (May 24, 2023).

Scott Taylor (Marathon's General Manager) during the Somewhere In The Heavens - ViDoc.

Since then other developers have been spotted wearing this Marathon hoodie.

Laura Warner

David Hostler

One Bungie employee who got a Marathon magnetic token gave this update on Marathon's development:
"It's certainly coming along haha, I'm very sorry but that's really as much as I can say! I'm a backend engineer and I work on the tools/data the company uses as a whole so I'm not in the nitty gritty with Marathon specifically most of the time, but it's been very exciting to watch it grow over the course of time I've been at the company!"

Friday December 8, 2023    

What fun to watch you work.
Marathon 2: Durandal. Nuke And Pave (Terminal 1).

Merciless Marine by Phobos-Romulus on DeviantArt. November 28, 2006.

Welcome to Marathon 2 Durandal.

Are we having fun?

Jeoku continues his Marathon Trilogy in-depth playthrough with Marathon 2: Durandal. His first video focuses on the Marathon 2 manual which sets the scene for the game.

Much of the text discussed is presented in the Manual Text section.

In Marathon 2 we find our purpose in this universe... well according to Durandal anyway.

%Hero by Ari Ibarra on October 26, 2022.

Guns talk to me in my sleep at night
And a gun somewhere is burnin'
With my name
Justice in the Barrel by Jon Bon Jovi. Blaze of Glory. August 7, 1990

Thursday December 7, 2023    

Marathon Comic?

Modified version of the 'Compiler' by Craig Mullins posted by Blak Mjölnir recon on the Marathon Discord. May 31, 2023.

In February 2018 Doug Zartman (former Bungie PR Director) posted a series of pics that had adorned the Bungie office walls back in the day.
Doug wrote:
"Perhaps the definitive Marathon fan comic from when it was new, this was on the walls of the office. "Whatta sh*t!" got quoted a lot. No idea who's the author."
The author is of course Michio Hashimoto (aka Miha). In 1995 he created the Marathon Comic, twelve pages of art and text that retold the introductory story in the Marathon Manual. They are preserved here on the Story page in both the original Japanese and in English.

Probably less known is William Spencer's Marathon Graphic Story from 2001 which is based on the Tau Ceti colony. Sadly the comic only ran for five pages. But the idea of basing your story on the Tau Ceti colony is an interesting one.

Wednesday December 6, 2023    

"From the series that paved the way for Halo..."
PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted 2023. #10 Marathon. November 30, 2023.

Bandit specialist by Soul (@Soul_ant19) on December 4, 2023.

A nice piece of Marathon/Halo related art by Soul. He writes:
"keen to see what bungie does with it with the reboot. keep ur eyes peeled for some marathon art soon hopefully"
You can decode the binary at your leisure for a secret message left by Soul. This is Marathon after all. Everything is a code!

" M A R A T H O N "

Tuesday December 5, 2023    

In space no one can hear you scream.
The iconic tagline from Ridley Scott's trailer and poster for the 1979 movie Alien.

Fast forward 15 years to Bungie's Marathon and another classic tagline was born.
Somewhere in the heavens... they are waiting.

Marathon wallpaper by CombatSquirrel on r/marathon July 2, 2016.

The above image comes courtesy of CombatSquirrel. Designed as a wallpaper for your mobile, it nicely captures the vastness and loneliness of space.

The question of course is... who or what is waiting?

But I digress.

CombatSquirrel, also known as Hot Waffle, did a series of playthroughs of Marathon on YouTube.

These are historically important as they were filmed using the orignal game under emulation and on Total Carnage. They give you a good idea of the differences between original Marathon gameplay and modern Aleph One gameplay.

See if you can spot them.

Video titles include "A pit of sadism", "Firecracker Bobs", "This juggernaut has a butt" and "The missing episode".

Worth a watch for that nostalgia hit.

Monday December 4, 2023    

Continuing our series featuring Marathon art from around the world we give you this striking Marathon poster by Yahya Ali Hamandi from Baghdad, Iraq.

Marathon poster by Yahya Ali Hamandi on June 15, 2023.

Yahya Ali writes:
"A poster I designed for @Bungie's upcoming game: #Marathon. I really love the art style and the colour palette."
If you click on this image you will get a whopping 6.4MB (3000x4000) version that was available at Yahya Ali's Behance page but it looks like that version is gone now.

Thanks to the Story page's degenerative AI a copy was saved.

The poster nicely captures this moment in time...

Sucks to be the UESC. Ninety-seven years to get to Tau Ceti. Arrive with outdated clones and outdated weapons.

BLAM!  Your Mom  DINK!

Maybe someone had the good sense to covertly place a cyborg onboard the UESC Equanimity?

Sunday December 3, 2023    

They're back...

...and they're all out of bubblegum!

Fighter by IgnisFerroque on DeviantArt October 6, 2014.

Now this isn't an image from the future... it's from 2014.

The creator of this Pfhor reimagining is IgnisFerroque (Christian Otten on ArtStation) a 3D Artist from Germany. Concerning Marathon's generic Pfhor fighter he wrote:
"Based on the main enemies in Bungies 1994 FPS Marathon, still one of my favorite gaming series story-wise. But apart from being a great game these guys always felt kinda harmless and squishy (well, they were), so i gave him some armor for his 20th birthday ;)"
Still one of the best reimaginings out there.

Go back another ten years to 2004 (Marathon's 10th birthday) and IgnisFerroque created this image.

Hallway by IgnisFerroque on DeviantArt October 6, 2004.

Commenting on the image he wrote:
"Some of the textures are taken from Marathon 1 and inspired by part 2, tribute to Bungie (again)"
Perhaps a Human/S'pht warship in the future war against the Pfhor?

Go back another ten years to 1994 and Bungie Software introduce Marathon.

Go back yet another ten years to 1984 and Apple Computer introduce Macintosh.

1984 directed by Ridley Scott.

Today we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information Purification Directives. We have created, for the first time in all history, a garden of pure ideology—where each worker may bloom, secure from the pests purveying contradictory thoughts. Our Unification of Thoughts is more powerful a weapon than any fleet or army on earth. We are one people, with one will, one resolve, one cause. Our enemies shall talk themselves to death, and we will bury them with their own confusion. We shall  prevail!

Saturday December 2, 2023    

What's in the box?
Marathon ViDoc animation courtesy of Kennon Fleisher (Motion Graphics Lead at Bungie).

This nicely executed piece of cinematic-style art from the Somewhere In The Heavens - ViDoc poses a number of questions. What's in the box? A four person team in a three person team game? Why are they carrying so much?

Undeterred by the size of Runner packs - Soul a freelance concept artist, illustrator and developer wrote:
"Love the art style so much i wanted to draw a runner of my own."

Marathon Runner by Soul (@Soul_ant19) on May 31, 2023.

BLAM!  Now that's a MARATHON pack!

Friday December 1, 2023    

"From the series that paved the way for Halo..."
Marathon in the top ten of PC Gaming Show's countdown of the '25 most wanted' unreleased PC games. It's actually at #10.

Christopher Barrett (Marathon's Game Director) gives a brief intro. No new information however.

The event presenter does a better job giving us this insight...
"'s a mix of rampant AIs, mysterious alien precursors, unknowable space entities and high saturation clone firefights..."
No doubt straight from Bungie's PR department.

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