Bungie's Thanksgiving Artwork 2021

The artwork depicts members of the Bungie games family sitting down to a Thanksgiving meal. However, that's no turkey being served up... it's a PID Nightmare!

But hey... I'm getting ahead of myself.

The artwork was created by Bungie's very own Lorraine McLees (aka Mehve on bungie.net). It first appeared on bungie.net (in cropped form as a banner) on their TWAB page for December 16, 2021. You could even download the banner as a wallpaper (4K 3840x2160). You can see it on the Story page here.

Bungie would later post the full artwork (in framed form) on their Facebook page with the tagline "Happy holidays to you and yours!" .

Lorraine, who is married to Rob Mclees, has worked as an artist and graphics designer at Bungie for over 20 years working on both Halo and Destiny. She also created Bungie's 10th anniversary party artwork in 2001.

Lorraine gave some background to her 2021 artwork on Twitter on January 7, 2022. She wrote:

"I've always loved how Norman Rockwell seemed to imbue a soul to his illustrations. In my homage to his wonderful "Freedom from want" illustration, I wanted to bring in characters across Bungie's history like I did in my 10-yr anniversary party illustration.

And I really wanted to express a sense of belonging, and of familial togetherness that so many of us couldn't partake in in 2021."

Below is Norman Rockwell's "Freedom from Want" painting depicting a traditional American Thanksgiving meal. You can easily see where Lorraine's inspiration came from.

Lorraine continues:

"I couldn't fit everyone in the shot, and figured fans could elaborate on the story happening outside the frame.

In my version, Eris is out on the balcony brooding a little, and Drifter went out to get her to come in just as Saint-14 transmats. Mark is finishing up the gravy after he handed John the casserole. Sweeperbot sweeps as Amanda brings the baskets of fresh baked breads.

Shaw (who is hanging out with blueberries), Petra (who is sharing her cookies with her Corsairs), and Saladin (who is hanging out with Efrideet) will call in later with their holiday greetings. Tess has set the table at her apartment waiting for her Uncle to come home.

Crow? well, The Guardian, Ghost, and Glint are trying to help him not feel overwhelmed with emotion as they sit in the front room by the fireplace.

I had a pretty rough 2021. Here's to a happier 2022! Cheers!"

Lorraine also provided some of the finer details in the scene. She wrote:

Avery is still alive in my mind, so he is there on the lower left by Ikora's elbow. Top of Myth Warrior's helmet is at the bottom by the Leviathan fruits. Marathon Cyborg AT lower right. Shaxx is putting his drink down by Mara. Devrim is sitting next to Suraya.

Salt and pepper shaker Ghosts. Legendary celery. Dawning tablecloth. Bungie Foundation wallpaper. Cayde's picture from the Bazaar ramen shop behind John. PiD "Nightmare" as the holiday turkey. Myth claymore cutting knife. Bungie Store pint glasses."

For Marathon fans the artwork is made famous for the Security Officer ("Marathon Cyborg") turning to the viewer (appearing to break the fourth wall) with that smile.

A smile which reminds you of something from your past, but you can't remember exactly what it is.

Perhaps he knows what they'll be eating.

"Should have got Chockisen!"

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