Author: Charles Hamper
Objective: Repair (activate 2 switches).

You arrive in a lava-pumping facility...

This level is mostly straightforward, although it might take some practice to get through. After reading the comm terminal, enter the circular room with the lava flowing from the ceiling. To leave, you need to stop the lava flow by flipping switch 5. To get up there, do the following. Flip switch 1 and ride platform A to switch 2, flip switch 2 and ride platform B to switch 3, flip switch 3 and ride platform C to switch 4, and finally flip switch 4 and ride platform D to switch 5. Stop the lava flow, use the pattern buffer, and jump back down. Platform E will now be active. Use it to get to the high ledge to the north. If you don't succeed at first, remember that you have to jump from as high as possible, just before the lift disappears into the ceiling.

Once through the door you will enter a long, winding corridor system with two levels. There are rechargers on both levels, make sure to use them often, as there are a lot of monsters in the area. Clear the aliens on the lower level, then run through the north lava tunnel to reach the stairs up to the higher level (experienced players may prefer a little grenade-jumping). Follow the upper level to the pattern buffer, the corridor beyond this has a left-hand branch about halfway down which will take you to the first objective switch (south of the pumping room). Follow the remaining corridor to reach the second objective switch (east of the pumping room).

When you're done, find the final comm terminal, which in the room to the east. Save one last time, then head off to No More TV Dinners...

L 2 - Arrival
L 3 - Command and Control
L 4 - Roach Farm
L 5 - Citizen Cain
L 6 - Frying Tonight!
L 7 - Boy Are My Arms Tired
L 8 - Can't Be Too Careful Nowadays
L 9 - No More TV Dinners
L 10 - You Were Dead, Now You Are Restored
L 11 - Say Bro... Are You Willing and Abel?
L 12 - Big Pig
L 13 - Burn!Burn!Burn!
L 14 - Damage Is Our Middle Name
L 15 - Aggressive Marketing
L 16 - Death Of Drummand
L 17 - Doughnuts For Dinner
L 18 - Say It With Grenades
L 19 - Electric
L 20 - Lune Noire
L 21 - Savage Streak
L 23 - Eat Your Microwave
L 24 - Non Dormit, Qui Custodit
L 25 - Have Gun, Will Travel
L 26 - From Our Bacon Menu
L 27 - Dance The Last Waltz With Me
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