Author: Hamish Sanderson
Objective: Extermination

Time to destroy the Alien computer...

You arrive on a wide ledge overlooking a large chamber. Jump off of the ledge and head for the door to the far right. Open the door and enter the wide corridor ahead. Follow this corridor all the way to the door at the end, and take care of all the aliens along the way. The door will open automatically, and reveal a large room: the rest of the level behind a door to the left, whilst you can get back to the satellite from the ledge to the right. Go through the door, turn left and proceed up the stairs about halfway: on your right is a corridor leading to switch 1. Flip this switch to open platform A, revealing circuit panel 2. Destroy it, then retrace your steps to the corridor down the stairs. If you head north, you'll discover that the corridor rises suddenly, too steep to jump or climb. Proceed to the lava-filled room in the north-east corner of the map and observe the 5 teleporter cubicles there. The lowest (second from right) is useful if you fall into the lava, but the one you want to reach is the second from the left. You can't reach it from your current position, but jump into the teleporter nearest on the right and you'll reappear on top of the column in the middle of the lava. From there you can jump to the desired teleporter, but be quick before the column lowers into the lava. The correct teleporter will take you to the upper part of the corridor you came from (others will send you to previous areas of the map). Open the door beside you, looking out for alien fire in the room beyond. Cross the first platform and turn right and flip the switch there. The first platform lowers and the second rises, allowing you to reach switch 3, which should be revealed by now.

Return down the corridor and climb the stairs to the room at the top. From there, jump across the corridor below to the far opening, and head around to door C which is now open. Behind it is switch 4; flip it and head for door D, which opens as you arrive. In the room beyond it is circuit panel 5, which will open door E allowing you access to the Alien computer. Once you manage to destroy this mighty foe and its two guardians, return to the satellite (via the room to the east).

Well done! Now, on to Non Dormit, Qui Custodit!

L 2 - Arrival
L 3 - Command and Control
L 4 - Roach Farm
L 5 - Citizen Cain
L 6 - Frying Tonight!
L 7 - Boy Are My Arms Tired
L 8 - Can't Be Too Careful Nowadays
L 9 - No More TV Dinners
L 10 - You Were Dead, Now You Are Restored
L 11 - Say Bro... Are You Willing and Abel?
L 12 - Big Pig
L 13 - Burn!Burn!Burn!
L 14 - Damage Is Our Middle Name
L 15 - Aggressive Marketing
L 16 - Death Of Drummand
L 17 - Doughnuts For Dinner
L 18 - Say It With Grenades
L 19 - Electric
L 20 - Lune Noire
L 21 - Savage Streak
L 23 - Eat Your Microwave
L 24 - Non Dormit, Qui Custodit
L 25 - Have Gun, Will Travel
L 26 - From Our Bacon Menu
L 27 - Dance The Last Waltz With Me
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