Author: Charles Hamper
Objective: Exploration (find and access 3 comm terminals).

You're sent back to the GenCorp ship...

You arrive in a long corridor with three windows overlooking the satellite. Remember that you can always come back here to teleport to the satellite and recharge and save. First head down the corridor and open the large door at the end. Continue straight on and access the first comm terminal, then find the room with switch 1 located inside. Flip this switch, then go to the room with switch 2. Flipping this switch will open both B doors, and will make switches 3 and 4 available. Flip them as well. Now leave the small complex you were in and use platform C and D to reach the upper level. Go to the southwest and enter the corridor there.

You will now find a large corridor with three areas to the left. The first eventually leads to switch 5, while the second leads to switch 6. Flip these two switches before continuing. Instead of going to the third area (which is initially locked), head on towards the staircase. Pass door F and head to the end of the corridor to flip switch 7: you can now head back to the third area to recharge (3x). Return to the corridor and flip switch 8 and 9. You must now cross the radioactive chamber to door H. Use the platform in front of it and remember to jump off before it reaches the ceiling and crushes you! There are many monsters in this corridor, so you'll have to watch out. To the east there's a door that will open as you explore the corridor. Behind it is a teleporter which will take you back to the start of the level. To the east is another comm terminal, and a window overlooking another radiation chamber. To your immediate right there is a small room containing some ammo which you might want to visit. After that head for door E.

At the end of the corridor you'll find switch 10. Flip it. Then use platform I to get to the final comm terminal and after that head back to the satellite and use the terminal there to teleport to Say It With Grenades...

L 2 - Arrival
L 3 - Command and Control
L 4 - Roach Farm
L 5 - Citizen Cain
L 6 - Frying Tonight!
L 7 - Boy Are My Arms Tired
L 8 - Can't Be Too Careful Nowadays
L 9 - No More TV Dinners
L 10 - You Were Dead, Now You Are Restored
L 11 - Say Bro... Are You Willing and Abel?
L 12 - Big Pig
L 13 - Burn!Burn!Burn!
L 14 - Damage Is Our Middle Name
L 15 - Aggressive Marketing
L 16 - Death Of Drummand
L 17 - Doughnuts For Dinner
L 18 - Say It With Grenades
L 19 - Electric
L 20 - Lune Noire
L 21 - Savage Streak
L 23 - Eat Your Microwave
L 24 - Non Dormit, Qui Custodit
L 25 - Have Gun, Will Travel
L 26 - From Our Bacon Menu
L 27 - Dance The Last Waltz With Me
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