Author: Chris Ashton
Objective: Repair

You're back in Troy Colony...

You arrive in a large area with a platform in the center. (Note: before proceeding, you may prefer to secure the 2x recharger and pattern buffer in the area to your west. It is wise to save often on this level!) From your starting position go down the nearby stairway and through the door. Head around the edge of the lava stream, until you come to a large lava-filled chamber with two platforms hidden in the lava and a pattern buffer on the wall. Use the pattern buffer before proceeding any further. There is a trick to doing this next bit easily: you must cross both bridges at some point, but once you cross either one there is no easy way back (it is just possible to jump into the lava pit, shoot up at a switch and jump onto a platform before it rises, but you will take a lot of damage in the process). Shoot switch 1 on the far wall and after a moment the left-hand platform (platform A) will rise. Cross it to the top of the stairs, but don't go down. Instead shoot the switch at the bottom of the stairs so that the stairs begin to lower. Run back across the platform before it drops back into the lava.

Now shoot switch 2 and cross the right-hand platform (platform B). Follow the corridor ahead until you come to two switches. It is safest to flip switch 4 first (this raises platform D to the north, providing a safe way back to the surface later on), and switch 3 afterwards, as the latter will reveal a passage containing several aliens and some extremely hostile marines (the ones in grey). Follow the newly revealed passageway to the end (there is a handy 2x recharger in an alcove to the north), until you find switch 5 around the corner (you did remember to lower those stairs, didn't you?). Door E will open into a large octagonal room with a small junction in the centre. The south bridge (platform D) should be raised by now if you need to go back to the surface (eg. to save) before proceeding. You might also want to return to switch 6 and open door F to find a very useful 3x recharger; again, you'll need all the help you can get at this stage. Back in the octagonal room, cross the west bridge into a second, similar room. Look out, though, because there is a juggernaut trapped in here with you. If you feel exceptionally brave, you may stand and fight, but it is all too easy to end up in the lava. You may find it easier to run through the room as quickly as possible into the third room where you'll find your objective: the repair switch. Continue through the fourth room until you are back at the junction in the first.

Take the southern route back to your starting point, and go through the door to the west. You'd be well advised to recharge and save before leaving the level. Afterwards open the south-facing door and activate the comm terminal. On to From Our Bacon Menu!

L 2 - Arrival
L 3 - Command and Control
L 4 - Roach Farm
L 5 - Citizen Cain
L 6 - Frying Tonight!
L 7 - Boy Are My Arms Tired
L 8 - Can't Be Too Careful Nowadays
L 9 - No More TV Dinners
L 10 - You Were Dead, Now You Are Restored
L 11 - Say Bro... Are You Willing and Abel?
L 12 - Big Pig
L 13 - Burn!Burn!Burn!
L 14 - Damage Is Our Middle Name
L 15 - Aggressive Marketing
L 16 - Death Of Drummand
L 17 - Doughnuts For Dinner
L 18 - Say It With Grenades
L 19 - Electric
L 20 - Lune Noire
L 21 - Savage Streak
L 23 - Eat Your Microwave
L 24 - Non Dormit, Qui Custodit
L 25 - Have Gun, Will Travel
L 26 - From Our Bacon Menu
L 27 - Dance The Last Waltz With Me
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