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Marathon EVIL - Solo Levels




Don't forget to stop at the 2x recharging room that's near your start position.

There's one point where you will be faced by several Hunters, with little ammo. Don't try to fight these, but instead, use the special turets at the end of one of the hallways to destroy these Hunters. You can do this for the Hunters in a room just down the hall from these turrets as well.

The boss guy at the end of this level takes a bit of ammo to destroy - to effectively kill him, use the MOW-DWN grenades near his feet (it need not be a direct hit to be effective), and if necessary, run back to the save term room, and grab the extra supply of ammo that will appear there.

The elevators at the end of the level can be made easily with timed jumps.


There are no known secrets on this level.

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Last Modified: Monday, October 01, 2007