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Marathon EVIL - Solo Levels

12 Code 42



As with any vacuum level, save often and regenerate your health. You may need to backtrack a bit to get to the save terminal.

Make sure you keep a saved game of this level near the start of the level, as well as a running saved game. There's a small bug with a one-shot platform switch that could get you stuck on the rest of the map, and its easier to keep this special saved game.

Once you've gotten into the room with the moving platforms, move to the right side of the screen to get to where your first objective awaits.

When starting up the three pinions, make sure you are ready to run off the platforms as soon as you can, lest you be crushed.

After you complete this part, return to the pillar room, and move to the left side of the room to get to the next stage.

When you are being dragged by the currents, you can get to the switches that you need to hit by running *and* sidestepping against the current. This will fight it enough that you can backtrack to each of the 4 switches to open the way.

In the room that requires two switches to continue, there is an elevator in the liquid pool that will get you up to the tops of the dividers.

The small bug people have reported is near the end of the level, where there are two switches that open two sets of doors going towards the magentic systems control room. If you hit a switch twice, you might have a door stuck halfway, which you can't fix. This is why you should save a game at the start of the level, in case you accidently do this.


There are no known secrets on this level.

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Last Modified: Monday, October 01, 2007