UESCTerm XXIV 09.05.2002

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Welcome to the Marathon Fan Fiction Archive.

Contained within are the works of Science-Fiction authors (both amature and professional) who have chosen to write their works based on the Marathon Universe created by the folks over at Bungie Software bettween 1994 and 1996.
Having created such an expansive universe, people are bound to add their ideas, stories, or accounts of the travals of the one known only as "you" or "The Marine", Durandal, and everyone tri-cloptic friends, the Pfhor. Marathon's story is mainly told through computer terminals that player logs into throughout the course of the game. Between running around killing things, or inserting uplink chips, there is a facinating story.

The many authors of The Marathon Fan Fiction Archive hope you enjoy their works of fiction awaiting within.

-Blayne Scott,
MaraFF Editor/Maintainer

Submission Guidelines:

Acceptable Formats

Submissions should be sent to maraff@bungie.org. Your story MUST BE SENT AS AN ATTACHMENT to your email. I can't stress this enough. Stories that are sent in the text of the email will be returned to you with a request for you to send it as an attachment.

The current file types that will be accepted are:

  • HTML (.html) -- for files that require formatting (italics, etc)
  • Text (.txt) -- for files that do not require formatting
  • URLs -- if you absolutely cannot attach a file URLs are the method of last resort, only to be used if you absolutely cannot attach a file.

If you are uncertain how to convert a file into .txt or .html format, check the 'Save As' parameters in your word processor of choice; several options should be given there. MS Word users, please save as "MS-DOS Text" and not "Text with Line Breaks". If your on a Macintosh, saving your story (weather it be a .htm/.html file or something as simple as a .txt file) use Simpletext or BBEdit.

Length A Fan Fiction submission, unless it is poetry or a novelty item, must be a minimum length for acceptance. There is a word-count minimum on submissions - items of less than 500 words will not be posted. The stipulations in this respect are the same for the HBO's Fanfiction submissions: Submissions of fewer than 100 words, or those ending with 'to be continued' have a slim chance of being posted in their current state. I highly recommend that you continue the story before it's submitted.

In the body of the message, be sure to include your name and your email address, as well as a brief description of your story and any additional information you want us to be aware of when we read your story.

Advice on writing Fanfiction, and stories in general:

  • Proof read your story for grammar. There are a number of good grammar sites on the Web; the most often-used one is Strunk and White's Elements of Style. Consult an expert if you're really not sure. Spelling and grammar do count!
  • Make sure your story has been carefully plotted -- given a beginning, middle, and an end. Show us how your characters grow and change.
  • Try to tie in elements of the Marathon universe. It helps when submitting to a website that focuses on Marathon fan fiction.