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Submission with pretty pictures

Sam Shepherd saw fit to submit the first part of his fan fiction, titled Vent Core on the Horizon. A characture of the Marine was included. Pictures go well with stories, or so I hear.


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BarbX returns

BarbX - the fictional Ai persona represented in this unique project - has complied The Life and Death of Intelligence's second chapter.

For those unfamilar with the first chapter, BarbX is (or appears to be) an online, interactive Marathon terminal-post/Livejournal based project. Showcasing great writing, original ideas, and (gasp!) humor in a truly Bungie way - BarbX is a amazing read.

BarbX: The Life and Death of Intelligence. Chapter 2: The Fall From Above


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A Never Ending Story

...like Infinity, in brackets.

Not three days after discussing a "never ending" story with REB, one appeared on the Marathon Story Forum.

Reposted and reformatted on the MaraFF, it was last updated on our server on May 31st 2005.

* "The Marathon Never-Ending Story 1: CRIST of Mars" *,

While this fan fiction is missing a kid named Sabastian who later starred in Seaquest, it's still a great story. Contributors include long time MaraFF contributors D.M.A, Yossarian, and others.

This Story is forever open to update. Please email any submission for this story to maraff@bungie.org.



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UESCTerm XXIV (March. 2005) 0.00.0000

Long time, no update

Such is the way of Marathon fan fiction. I decided to dig up a short story I did back in highschool for everyone enjoyment. Inspired by Yossarian's works Ghosts of Wheeling and Marathon Man, I went and did my own dream narrative:

* "Follow the Path" *,

What interested me about these narratives of Yoss' was the blending of realities. It's great to see what are essentialy constructions of the Jjaro in the marines mind living lives of their own within fan fiction. So, is the dream 'reality', or is the 'waking' Marathon universe?

I feel an urge to quote Leela right now.


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