Apr 13, 2021 (Tuesday)

In a Story forum post President People makes an interesting observation about the Forge splash screen and the Rorschach test-like Infinity terminal pic posted a few days ago.

If you rotate the Forge splash screen you get the same (or very similar) image as the one in the Infinity terminal pic.

Of course this begs the question what is the original pic these two images are based on?

Apr 11, 2021 (Sunday)

The Rorschach test for Marathoners.

What do you see?

Apr 10, 2021 (Saturday)

Marathon Iceberg by orihaus.

Saw this this on r/Marathon a subReddit about Marathon.
The Marathon Iceberg pic is a pretty amazing piece of work. Hats off to orihaus for this one.

How deep do you go?

Apr 9, 2021 (Friday)

Aleph One 1.4 is available from https://alephone.lhowon.org

This update provides a number of new features, including:

•   Adds new high frame rate interpolation. Choose 30 fps for authentic classic play, 60 fps or 120 fps capped, or unlimited fps
•   Restores some retro/nostalgia features in the software renderer: every-other-line mode, and 8-bit color

Thanks to treellama and the rest of the Aleph One team for continuing to offer the classic look, feel and sound of the original games.

If you want the bells and whistles just turn them on.

Apr 8, 2021 (Thursday)

Two Blasts from the Past on the Story forum.

ukimalefu posts an image of a Japanese poster for the Window 95 version of Marathon 2.

Sharkie Lino posts a video on YouTube of a nice haul of old Marathon memorabilia .

Ah the nostalgia. Check them out.

Apr 3, 2021 (Saturday)

Curiouser and Curiouser...

Marathon the game that keeps on giving... even after 25 years.

See the Latin in Marathon 2 section for more details.

Apr 2, 2021 (Friday)

Thought you knew all the latin in Marathon 2?

I did... until now.

See the Latin in Marathon 2 section for details. Note this section was last updated on Jan 22, 1998.

Apr 1, 2021 (Thursday)

Never Eat Yellow Snow

I occasionally get asked why Marathon starts out on the first level of Pathway Into Darkness?

To those... I recount the tale of... Never Eat Yellow Snow.

Mar 31, 2021 (Wednesday)

On the subject of porting Marathon 2 to Windows 95 I had the opportunity to ask Matt Soell (Bungie Software) the following question shortly after the announcement:

Q.     Will M2 Win95 have a slightly altered story to reflect the fact that PC users have not
played Marathon? Specifically do you forsee a section on the Marathon's Story page along
the lines of Marathon 2 Windows 95 text changes?

A.     "I think an additional page of background info in the M2 Win95 manual is a far more
likely proposition. Otherwise we get into the realm of alternate realities and stuff like
that, which would probably be as much of a pain for us as it would be for you."

Alternate realities? I think they call this... foreshadowing.

Marathon Infinity was released 7 months later.

Mar 30, 2021 (Tuesday)

Happy TBWSAF Day.

Yes folks... on this day 25 years ago Bungie announced that they were porting Marathon 2 to Windows 95. The rest they say is... history.

Oh the profanity!

Mar 28, 2021 (Sunday)

So with only two days to go before the 25 year anniversary of the historic announcement of the porting of Marathon 2 to Windows 95 some folks are replaying these long forgotten official Bungie levels.

Back in the day the Story page had a section detailing the Undiscovered Secrets of the Windows 95 version of Marathon 2. But it was sadly never completed.

Andrew Milnthorpe now unearths another undiscovered secret on the Windows 95 version of What About Bob?

Mar 21, 2021 (Sunday)

Every so often I get an email from a Story page reader trying to recall a story they vaguely remember about a Lead Box and a German submarine off the coast of Africa or somewhere. The details of what they recall vary widely but for some reason they cannot remember what it was about or why they should even recall it.

Enough said. The Lead Box story is of course from the mind of Matt Soell.

And you can read it here.

Mar 17, 2021 (Wednesday) Happy St. Patrick's Day

It's tough being green!

Except on St. Patrick's Day.

Have a good one!

Mar 4, 2021 (Thursday)

Thanks to David Cornwell <floatingskull@gmail.com> for writing in to point out that today is 26.2th anniversary of the release of the original Marathon on the MacOS.
He sent in the following pic:

He goes on to say:

Please note that it falls on March 4 (pfhor), which could be represented as 3+4, which is 7.
Coincidence? I think not! ;)

Ah... just like the old days. :)

Feb 24, 2021 (Wednesday)

On the Story forum it's nostalgia time.

General-RADIX posts a link to scans of an old Marathon Infinity review in MacFormat issue 43.

Lion O Cyborg lets us know that Before Halo Part 2 is out containing a retrospective of Marathon 1. Direct link on YouTube is here.

Tim "Mordeir" Branin lets us know that Marathon is mentioned in an Outside Xbox Video entitled "7 Failed Videogames That Were Too Ahead of Their Time". Direct link on YouTube is here.

Feb 11, 2021 (Thursday)

Thanks to James Osborn for sending in more scans of manuals and other documentation from some of Bungie's older games.
I have added these to the Story page for completeness.

Minotaur Manual
Actually the second version of a Minotaur Manual scan on the Story page. You can see the first one here.
Minotaur contains the first use of the name "Durandal" in a Bungie game.

Minotaur Manual Read Me
Contains the first reference to "BLAM!"?

In-game instructions and information for Operation: Desert Storm

Jan 23, 2021 (Saturday)

Hey... YOU. Yes you. If you are reading this then you are one of the last seven Story page readers.

Thought the PID Story page was dead? Misplaced your Yellow Crystal? Well no worries. You can read the latest update here. Thanks to James Osborn <jameseosborn7@aol.com> for sending in a scanned version of the original PID manual with the password protection codes. Yes... those secret codes... which when pieced together reveal a secret yet untold.

James... which actually happens to be my name in English. No I don't make this stuff up. Well James also sent in a scan of the Operation: Desert Storm! manual. You can see it here. It's BIG so go make yourself a cup of tea.

Now if you are one of the last seven readers of the Story page you'll remember that we did a comprehensive walk-through of this game some time ago and revealed the long lost secret buried beneath the sands of the final level. That's right. You know the one.

Now if you are asking yourself what "comprehensive walk-through?" What "long lost secret buried beneath the sands?" Then ask yourself this... am I really one of the seven... and where's my overcoat?

Jan 3, 2021 (Sunday)

Some light humour for the first Sunday of 2021. And a little competition.

And in case you are wondering... there are actually 3 ways you can play the opening part of "One thousand thousand slimy things".

About this level Chris Giesel (Doubleaught) wrote:

No one can figure out how Greg convinced the troopers to run all the way into the fortress, up the stairs, and keep going. Normally the monsters just aren't that smart. Anyway, it is one of the most enjoyable ones to play,

Very enjoyable indeed.

If you don't have Infinity you can grab it here. Thanks to all the folks who still make this possible even today.


Jan 2, 2021 (Saturday)

Thanks to those of you who wrote in pointing out that 2021 will be the 25th anniversary of Marathon Infinity.

Yes folks, Marathon Infinity was released on October 15, 1996. Marathon Infinity will be 25 years old on that date.

Do you know what kind of hat I'm wearing?

A party hat; you don't get one.

For the chosen few who still follow...the hard path of thought... Marathon Infinity remains an enigma, elusive, that one mystery we have not solved.

Perhaps in the next 25 years we will all get to wear party hats.

Jan 1, 2021 (Friday)

Happy New Year to all Story page readers... everywhere!

And to start the year off... here is a little blast from the past I found while digging around in the Story page archive.

Mac Hall's "Things That Hoot" created for Inside Mac Games.

And... it is still available at IMG here.

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