Win95 Marathon 2: The Undiscovered Secrets

I'm back

Day 6 of Simon's journey into the Great Unknown

Pic 48: Still on Charon Doesn't Make Change, the canal surrounding the level has been widened in places and lighting changed to create a shadow from the central building.

Pic 49: Here you can see the reason for the removal of the alien transporter - the roof of the building has been made from goal polys instead, causing the Pfhor to head there to teleport out. Of course, as soon as they catch sight of you, their plans change....

Pic 50: Finally, this shows the complete changes to the level. Well, not quite complete.
In fact, Bungie decided to remove the 'must be explored' polys from the lower chambers of the level, leaving only one on the stairs to the first teleport terminal, and other on the window ledge overlooking the oxygen canister. The level can now be completed in 27 seconds.

Pic 51: What About Bob looks fairly standard to start with. There's a couple of minor texture changes in the upper level, but nothing really noticeable. Now, drop down the chute, clear out the first room and move on through to the next. A new room leads from the lower left corner, containing....

Pic 52: extra magnum magazine. So, not only do Win95 players get an extra Shotgun on Waterloo Waterpark, they also get more ammo on What About Bob! Are Mac players going to stand for this? I say no. NO!

Pic 53: Into the next room, an additional storage area can be found to the right.

Pic 54: Although there's nothing in this one.

Pic 55: Through to the next room, and up onto the ledge, there's a new doorway.

Pic 56: But again, this one is empty. No extra ammo or weapons this time.

Pic 57: A few more minor texture changes can be seen around the level - this is the final recharger,

Pic 58: terminal and save buffer.

Pic 59: The new areas can be seen off the rooms to the top left of the map

Back on Day 5 of the great Marathon 2 for Win95 Treasure Hunt, Hamish of the Clan Sinclair wrote of this screenshot:

Odd... Squeaky said he found this door open? Very odd indeed! Looks like I'm going to have to go the long way around.

In fact, this door is tagged to the uplink switch in the 1x recharger room. If you complete your mission before entering the secret area, you'll find the door open.

But where's Hamish?...

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