UNLEASHED FOR WINDOWS© 95

CHICAGO, IL-March 30, 1996-So your machine is stoked for action with Windows
95, a fistful of RAM, accelerators, graphic and sound cards; everything you
need to jam. Uh... now what? Where's the software optimized for all this

Now, for high-end, immersive gaming that fulfills the promise of their new
technology, gamers have Marathon 2 : Durandal, a game sophisticated enough
to require the performance of Windows 95, and designed to take full
advantage of it.

Gamers will find razor-sharp, 16-bit, texture-mapped SVGA graphics, wicked
smooth speed, movement through multiple elevations with 5 degrees of freedom
(looking up and down), 16-bit sound in active panning stereo (which gives
cues to your location and situation), and the ambient sounds of howling
winds and raging rivers that heighten the realism of outdoor and underwater

Jaded gamers will appreciate features rare in the 1st-person genre: motion
sensors, a realistic physics model, non-player characters that speak and
fight with you, 8-player networkability, and network game scenarios like
King of the Hill and Kill the Guy with the Ball which require more strategy
and cunning than the standard network shootout.

Finally, gamers will enjoy a streamlined interface with important features
overlooked in some games, like customizability, easy installation, a replay
feature to review networked carnage, performance-boosting options, and most
of all, a gripping sci-fi story that develops in complexity over the course
of the game.

With all this, Marathon 2 is loaded. Whether it's played solo or in a group,
it stimulates all the senses, surrounding players in a world that is at once
beautiful and menacing. From the designers of the multi-award winning
classic Marathon, Marathon 2 is currently the top-selling game on the Mac
OS. Legions of players are already making their own maps, battling in their
own tournaments, and dedicating webpages to unravelling the intricacies of
the story.

Marathon 2: Durandal is optimized for Windows 95 and runs in 8, 16 and
24-bit color. The game requires a 486 or better (Pentium recommended), 5 MB
RAM, 256-color SVGA (640x480), and double-speed CD-ROM drive. Marathon 2 has
a retail price of $79.99 and will be available at local retail stores,
through mail order catalogs, or can be ordered directly from Bungie
Software: (800-295-0060) or www.bungie.com.