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"There is a little man in my pants, his name is Marathon"

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Did you ever download something off of ftp.amug.org and not know what the heck it was? Every get lost trying to find a simple editor? Then Marathon HyperArchive is here for you! (It's a graphical interface to the AMUG ftp site.) View an organized list of the best Marathon files AMUG has to offer, with a description of each file (and icons! Neat, huh?)
Marathon HyperArchive has hit the big time! It's now on Marathon Central.

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Contributions welcome! Send me your cool files/pictures/icons/whatnot and watch it go up on the World Wide Web! (Please email me first before sending giant files.)
You can email me at: smwood@ccs.neu.edu with your suggestions. You can also check out my home page, too!
This page is located at www.amug.org (and the Netscape encrypted site: home.amug.org) and www.ccs.neu.edu.

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