The changing face of Marathon

You can click on these thumbnails to download full-sized version.

This one is from very early in the development. (48k)


These next two are from the July '94 issue of IMG.

(49k and 54k)


And here's the final product! (50k)

You can see what Jason from Bungie meant when he said, "marathon as a product had a long history of being delayed, rewritten and improved because we didn't want to release a product we thought didn't kick ass, and I hope we were successful."

He also says, "the engine went through three full rewrites."

I, for one, am glad that they delayed the game to make it even better, after all, would you rather play the game on the top, or the game on the bottom? (Soapbox mode off)

Quotes from the first Bungie eWorld conference.
All pictures used with permission from Inside Mac Games.
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