A Long Walk off a Short Pier
level view - Salinger Line

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Author: C Lund

Notes: The first level I was supposed to do on "The Salinger Incident" was a level on which the player was running around on the deck of a pfhor ship. I decided it might be a good idea to make the inside of the ship first (thus "the exit door leads in"). That makes this the second oldest level in the scenario. And like all the other "Salinger incident" levels, it's been retextured more times than I care to think about. Note that this is a vacuum level.

Mission Type: Repair.


  1. Entry point. Take a step foreward and the door will open.

  2. The door above you will open as you run past it. Don't waste your time with the troopers coming out.

  3. This area is important for two reasons; first because of the oxygen cannisters and x1 rechargers that keep teleporting in, second because this is where you leave when the mission is completed. All you have to do is stand still for a second and Durandal will take you to "Not *this* again…" via "Rozinante VII". Try not to be hit by the turret bolts flying around in this area.

  4. a-e Duck through the opening at a, run across the wide open space at b (and dodge the turret bolts) and take the platform up to c. There are invisible s'pht up here, and they are not your friends. Continue from c to d and from there ride the platform down to e. Tab the blast shield at the end of the walkway to access 5.

  5. Flip the switch to open the blast shield protecting the wires at 6. To get to 6, simply backtrack your entire route from 2. Note that there will probably be troopers around along the way.

  6. Smash the wires and go to 3. The level is finished.


  1. When going down the platform, jump off and turn right. You'll find a small cache of stuff.

  2. a-b See the green landing lights at a? Notice the title of the level? Just run along the blinking lights and into space. Turn to the right and you'll see a red opening leading to b. You now have the choise of stepping into a teleporter and returning to the safety of ths level, or you can log on and be taken to "Hell Pfhor You". Be warned; that level is very hard. Keep a seperate saved game just in case you can't beat it..

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