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level view - Salinger Line

Help Details:
Author: C Lund and Bungie

Notes: This level is based on the Marathon 2: Durandal level "Sorry Don't Make It So…", which again is based on the Marathon 1 level "Pfhor Your Eyes Only", both by Bungie. The monster placement in the Bungie sections of the map are mostly unchanged other than that the cyborgs are replaced by hulks, and that the monsters in general were slightly thinned out at the behest of the betatesters. Hopefully, the new sections of the level maintain the same feel as the Bungie sections.

No, there isn't enough ammo to wipe out all the pfhor on this level.

Mission Type: NA


  1. Entry point.

  2. Watch out for these ledges. Enforcers will teleport in on all of them. Keep your shotguns ready.

  3. There is a very large group of fighters here.

  4. When you enter this room, lots of pfhor will teleport in. When you've taken them out, head up the green/gray "zebra" stairs at the back of the room.

  5. Once the large, doughnut-shaped room has been cleared, head up these stairs.

  6. Jump across to these stairs. Prepare to meet a group of thinkers at this point, if you haven't already dealt with them.

  7. Log on and leave. You'll be taken to "Rozinante VIII" and from there to "Prize Payment Schedule".


  1. a-c Flip the switch and run to b. The platform here has a 15 sec delay before rising up to the teleporter at the top. Ride it up and be taken to c where you'll find some stuff. You'll also find a bunch of hunters.

  2. a-d Go to a, and then jump to b and then to c, and finally to d, where you'll be able to access a shield recharger.

  3. a-c Jump into the plasma at a, swim to b and climb up on the ledge, and then pick up the stuff at c.

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