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level view - Salinger Line

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Author: Chris Wondra

Notes: C Lund has done some tweaking of this level. This is one of those technically complicated levels with lots of behind-the-scenes stuff that AO would handle with Pfhortran.
Yes, some of the doors in this level are annoying.

Mission Type: Repair and Exploration


  1. Entry point. Watch out for the crushers ahead of you.

  2. These areas are not accessable to the players. They're there to do the behind-the-scenes stuff mentioned above.

  3. Kill everything here - and those s'pht are *not* your friends - pick up the ammo and stuff, and read the instructions on the terminal. The go to 4.

  4. There is a hulk here, plus a couple of hunters. When they're dealt with, use the rechargers and stuff in the two small rooms bracketing the large door to the west. Beware the drones at 5.

  5. a-b There are two panels at a. The one that has to smashed to complete the level is the one to the left. You may have to swim through b to leave this room.

  6. This is one of the areas that have to be explored.

  7. a-c Take one of the teleporters at a to get to b, which is one of the areas that have to be explored. The teleporter at b will take you to c.

  8. Once you've been through 5, 6 and 7, go here and log on. You'll be taken to "Just a little further".

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