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level view - Salinger Line

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Author: C Lund

Notes: This was the first level I made for "The Salinger Incident", and therefore also the oldest level in the entire scenario (I think; Wondra's BioTech maps might be older). No level in Rubicon has been retextured more often than this one.

It's also one of the more intricate levels in the scenario and the map is therefore not that useful. Thus the waypoints at virtually every corner. Note that the s'pht on this level are not your friends.
The title comes from a short story by Philip K Dick.

Mission Type: Repair


  1. Entry point. You're in the brig and escape is blocked by an FM-style force field. Walk around a bit. The force field will be taken down by Durandal. When it goes down, take out the guards with your fists. Remember that a running punch causes more damage than a standing one.

  2. Ride this platform up and go to 3.

  3. These guards should be easily dealt with with your fists. Again, remember the running punch. Use the recharger and head for 4.

  4. Jump down into this garbage crusher. Pick up all the ammo lying on the ledges, and then jump into the plasma. Yes it hurts. Swim south (as viewed on the map) to pick up a x3 shield powerup. Turn around immediatly and swim to 5, picking up weapons and ammo along the way.

  5. This is where you get out of the plasma.

  6. Two s'pht will teleport in to your right (down where the green wall is). Take them out and continue to 7.

  7. Another s'pht here. Flip the switch to open the door at 10. Go up the stairs to 8.

  8. If your shields are low, go north to 3 to repower them. Otherwise go to 9.

  9. There are two enforcers here. Take them out, then use the pattern buffer. Go to 3, head north, and then go to 10.

  10. The door to the north opens at 7. If it is open, prepare for battle. Go down the stairs to 11.

  11. There are pfhor on all sides down here, particularily up on the balconies. Take them out.

  12. Watch out for the pfhor high up above you. When you open the door to 13, you will be met by a thinker.

  13. Flip this switch to open the door to 17, then backtrack via 10 to 3 and to 9 where you can save again.

  14. As with 4, you jump in the plasma to grab weapons and ammo. But this time you won't find any shield charger down there. You could do this before going to 10 and onwards, if you want.

  15. This is where you get out of the plasma. Go to 16.

  16. If your shields are low, return to 3 and 9. Otherwise head south for 17.

  17. This is the bridge. There are fighters, invisible s'pht, and a thinker here. When they are dealt with, head north to 18.

  18. Smash the big wire in the middle and the mission is completed. Read the terminals in 17 for instructions on the next level and how to get there.

  19. Go to this airlock. You'll be taken to "A long Walk On a Short Pier".


  1. Go to waypoint 6, and then head through the green wall. You'll find yourself in a long green tunnel. This is a portal to many other secret areas in this ship. Not all the walls in here are solid.

  2. a-b You find a by walking through a side of the green tunnel. There is some ammo here and a switch. Flip the switch on and then off after enough time has passed for a door to open. You can hear this happen. Then head back to waypoint 9. The door to the north is now open, giving you access to b and the x3 shield recharger there.

  3. This area is found by jumping down from 1 (there is another way though). Take the door to the north to find a large dark section of the ship full of invisible s'pht and not much more (it's kinda neat down there though).

  4. a-c Go to 3. Rocket jump your way through the green wall on the opposite side of the one you came through from 1. You'll find yourself in a similar long green passage. Go north to b - backwards - and you'll see the platform at c come down. Run to c and get on the platform. Ride it up and you'll find some ammo and stuff. Back in the Salinger days, there used to be an uplink chip here that was meant to be used in "Hell Pfhor You" to bring that central platform down. Unfortunately, that uplink chip could have caused a lot of problems in Rubicon and therefore had to be removed.

  5. a-b Flip the switch at a and turn it off when a door has had time to open. Go to b and look at the skeleton in the closet.

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