Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Try again

Thing What Kicks...

The secret terminal room on Try again (point A on the map below) has always been considered inaccessible when Vidmastering this level. Its raised nature requires that you propel yourself up using either an assault rifle or rocket launcher. Neither are available on this level, indeed the level is devoid of most weapons except your magnum (+9 additional clips) and nine alien weapons. The later you'll need for the Juggernauts, the Dreaded Utfoo Heavy Assault Craft.

However it is possible to access the secret terminal room if you allow yourself to be propel there by Juggernaut fire. "Huh??!!! want me to stand on hot lava and be pounded by two Juggernauts until they propel me up onto the ledge???... give me a break!" I hear you cry. No! I want you to stand on hot lava and be pounded by two Juggernauts AND a Hunter (you forgot about him) until they propel you up onto the ledge? It's actually quite easy if you first access the second secret room on the level (point B on the map) and use the 3X recharger and grab the invulnerability power-up (Super Shield Chip) located there.

The following short film Gazing in Stunned Disbelief... demonstrates the technique involved. The person filming this is quite mad actually but is adamant that all secrets should be shown (where possible) in a vid film. Remember this the next time you send him a vid film.

There are alot of other interesting things to mention about this level but we'll leave those for another day. Can't give away too many secrets... ;-)

No! Try not. Do... is a full film of this level showing how to get to the secret terminal room in the process. The person filming this is also quite mad, though probably not as mad as the person in the film above! Now there is no excuse for not showing all secrets on this level, although there is one secret still not shown. Well it's sort of a secret... that's why I'm not telling you. ;-)

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