Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: G4 Sunbathing

Sun, Dead Sea, and Vacuum

G4 Sunbathing is the most intricately designed and well thought out of the Marathon levels. Your mission is to manually reset a secondary relay in order to send a light-speed warning message to Sol. However three things stand in your way - doors, aliens, and hard vacuum. Life is not easy for a Marathon security officer.

A total of seven switches need to be activated in order to succesfully complete your mission. Yes, seven! Hold on a moment surely it's ten? Well you can activate ten if you want to but seven is all that is necessary. Durandal was obviously at his tricks again! The seven switches and their order of activation are shown in the map below

Seven Switches or Ten?

Once you know the order Vidmastering this level is relatively straightforward. Indeed things are made easy for you by the presence of a Fusion Pistol and copious amounts of Plasma ammo so why not make it hard on yourself and complete it with fist only? And while you're at it let's include NO shield recharging for good measure. Still too easy? OK no hits! Complete the level without taking a hit! That's more like it. But why not go all out and ignore the time wasting oxygen rechargers. Who needs oxygen? Hold you breath and run fast! Impossible... I hear you say! Perhaps. :-)

Out of Breath! is a short film demonstrating the order in which the seven switches must be activated. It's about 150 seconds long and yes... it's on Total Carnage.

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