Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Shake Before Using...

McYultry is... ?!

"Alex's 5th Level" so the information associated with an earlier version of this map claimed. Oh yes!... note the map writing. Shake Before Using... is a level designed around three traps. Indeed all three terms on this level are designated as "Trap". Each trap is associated with a room with a bridge (more correctly a walkway). Successfully vidmastering this level requires that you know how each trap is activated and have a means to counteract them.

Trap 1. Quite ingenious for its time. A floor poly triggers a door to close behind you. To reopen the door you must step off and then back onto the poly. The only way to do this is to open the door facing you into the trap room, step into the room and quickly step back. You'll have to face Troopers though so be prepared.

Trap 2. A classic platform trap. Walk onto the platform and it rapidly decends into hell. The trick is to quickly step on and off the platform. The platform will descend without you. You can activate the aliens down there with a few shots or jump down just before the platform comes back up. The later way has style... jump into the mêlée.

Trap 3. Not really a trap in the true sense of the meaning but lose your footing on the long bridge and the only way out is via a teleporter. Unfortunately you are teleported to a small room with a Trooper (point A on the map). Should have taken him out earlier. Tut tut... you're dead.

Michio Hashimoto's (a.k.a. Miha) film of Shake Before Using.../Miha in the more-tc-films.sit.hqx package is a classic. He hardly puts a foot wrong on this level. If you've tried to vid this level you'll appreciate how good this film is. Some points to watch out for. Miha takes out the Trooper (point A on the map) early on thus allowing him to access the secret terminal in the room with the long walkway and kill the Lookers down there. Also note how Miha prefers to finish off Troopers with his fist. Now that's Style - Vid Style!

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