Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Poor Yorick

Don't sweat the details, little monkey, just eliminate his troopers.

Poor Yorick is the first of the long sprawling Infinity levels. Your mission here is to destroy R'chzne's transmitter, or rather its power source. To do this you have to activate two switches at points A and B on the map below. This will open the locked door at point C allowing you to gain access to the transmitter's power source at point D. Oh yeah... there's another objective... especially for little monkies!

Todd Keating <>, in his film Short York shows how to bypass this tedious process with a bit of judicious grenade climbing. The film is just over two minutes long. In the process Todd incurs the wrath of Tycho by not killing any of the Troopers. So who's calling who a monkey now!

Some interesting things about this level. It was one of the earliest of the Infinity levels and one created "by committee", though the initial concept and design was by Chris Giesel. Apparently at one stage it had alot more terminals but these were removed. But if you come across a terminal displaying the following message be sure to let us know... it's well hidden. ;-)
Combatant Ldr 2nd Class Rr'pt
Tycho Machinated Mercenary
Mutinous Combatant Units
stamp: requisition

The mutinous Combatant Units have been routed from their positions on the outer walls. They are retreating through the warrens into the mountains, and we are continuing the pursuit.

Outriders report transporter telltales on their sensors.  Preliminary evaluation suggests human commando units.  Combatant Leader 2nd Class Rr'pt humbly requests reinforcement by armored units.

The level also has a bug which allows the solo player to access the secret underwater terminal which takes you to the co-op carnage break level "Two for the Price of One".

There are also a number of unexplored areas on this level if you can get to them.

Take a walk on the wild side is a set of two short films by Todd Keating <> showing you how to reach the secret outside area on this level. Todd displays some fancy footwork and takes an unusual route... with some odd results. Do the unexpected... we say!

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