Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Ingue Ferroque

Surviving the Rings

Ingue Ferroque, or more correctly Ignie Ferroque (By Fire and Sword), is another one of those intricately designed and well thought out levels. The key to completing this level is to survive with sufficient shields in order to make that final sprint across the lava. First however you must deal with the many Troopers on this level. You can easily avoid the ones in the inner ring but you can't avoid the ones in outer ring. One way to soften these guys up is to attract their attention and lead them to their own destruction at point A on the map (see below).

Three Rings - Two Ways to Die

where's m'boots? is a short film demonstrating the technique. You can see that intelligence doesn't rank high amongst Troopers. Lucky for us :-)

The remaining blue Fighters should prove no problem just remember the ones in the entrance of the maze. You can go either left or right in the maze. If you go right be careful as there may be a Trooper at point B on the map. Of the three teleporters the middle one is the safest and takes you to the 12 o'clock position in the middle and final ring. The best strategy to adopt is to go anti-clockwise and take out the fighters at the 9 o'clock switch. The S'pht will help you here. Activate the switch and then head clockwise to the troopers at the 3 o'clock switch. Attract their attention and lead them back to the 9 o'clock switch. When they are about half way run back and attract the attention of the Troopers guarding the trapdoor into the lava at the 6 o'clock position. Lead these Troopers back to the 9 o'clock switch. As both sets of Troopers converge on you take the teleporter to the 3 o'clock switch, activate it and head for the trapdoor. All being well there should be nobody there. Does it always work? No!... who said Troopers were stupid ;-)

John Sumner <> not only completes this level using the above technique but goes back to visit the secret Bungie credits terminal. Now how's that for Vid Style! John's full film is here.

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