Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Eupfhoria

If I Had a Rocket Launcher, a Tozt, and 3X shields, I'd Make Somebody Pay!

But you have to get to them first!

Eupfhoria is perhaps the most difficult Marathon level to Vidmaster. Hence the absence of films. The beginning (point A on the map below) is particularly difficult as you must contend with 3 Wasps and 5 Hunters in a small room.

Magnesium flares... Mmmm ... tasty

Activate all the Hunters at once and you're history. The only way through is to take them out one at a time. Eupfhoric Hunters is a short film demonstrating how to overcome this initial obstacle.

However, the nightmare has only just begun!

It became obvious when trying to vid this level that taking the Hunters out one at a time was time consuming and didn't always work. It was discovered however that if you activate the wasps as you cross the central glue trigger (midpoint between the two doors on either side) the trigger effect will be nullified and the hunters won't activate. Then it's just a simple matter of killing the wasps and one hunter that blocks your path. But remember - don't go back over the glue trigger. :-)

Of course you still have the rest of this level to contend with.

Let sleeping Hunters lie is a short film demonstrating this technique. Included in the package is the first full film of this level. Enjoy.

Cleaning out da house is a full film of this level, using the same trick at the beginning but with the level completely cleaned out. Clean out all levels... that's what we say.

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