Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Cool Fusion

Surviving the Pit

The Pit in Cool Fusion can be challenging at the best of times. But on Total Carnage - Vidmaster rules - it's the 'Pits'. The smallness of the area and the number of Pfhor inside makes it extremely difficult to manoeuvre. Surviving, even with a charged Fusion Pistol, can be more a matter of luck than skill.

There is a trick to the Pit however. By jumping across the ledges at point A on the map (see below) you will trigger the opposite wall to descend. This will reveal 6 blue Fighters and one major Trooper. As soon as they open fire back off down the hallway a bit. Invariably some of the Pfhor will drop down into the area infront of you. The others will head down the corridor leading to the Experimental Vacuum Chamber (the first room) in the hope of getting behind you. When they reach the locked door they'll head back up again. In most cases they will jump into the Pit at point B. Wait for the lights of the Pit to go out. This signals that some or all of the Pit doors have been opened by the aliens. Then proceed. When you arrive at the Pit you may need to stir the aliens up a bit to get them to kill each other off. Finish the last guy off and drop down inside. Before doing so however fire a few rounds into each of the alcoves to activate any sleepy Pfhor Troopers. You can be caught out this way.

vincit qui patitur is a short film showing how it's done. You'll need Tim Seufert's "Marathon Vidmaster Challenge Physics Model" to see it. It's included in the download. It allows the .44 magnum to trigger switches nothing more. In this film only the Trooper heads down the corridor and subsequently jumps into the pit.The rest is obvious. Just Vid It - With Style!

This is the Pits!

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