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Raising the Seven Pillars

Level 13, unlucky for many. First Wasps and now Lookers (not Hounds as some people mistakenly call them). The later have a nasty habit of hiding behind corners and exploding at your feet. Also if these guys fly high watch your head that's where they'll land! You'd have got your first taste of these on Shake Before Using... but this time they're out in force.

In addition to these problems is the challenge of the Pillar Room (point A on the map below). Seven pillars, six have to be manually raised to the correct height. The trick? Well there isn't any! Some people suggest counting seconds. Most people use sight. Getting it right the first time is a Vid thing. If you're going to Vid this level get it right the first time. Going back to reset switches is for Spazeroids. Just Vid It - With Style!

Going Out of Business is a film by Eylon Caspi demonstrating how to get through this level with fist only (except when it comes to the Lookers) and raising the seven pillars to the right height the first time. This we believe is the first film of its type on the net. Enjoy.

moving, must sell is a similar film by an old timer. The styles are different as is the method of raising the seven pillars. Nevertheless the films compliment each other.

Check out this film by John Sumner <>. Not only are the pillars raised correctly first time, many of the Lookers are killed with fist-only without taking damage and the ammo in the three octagonal rooms with the rising floors is also collected. Great stuff.

John Sumner <> completes the level without raising the seven pillars. John shows how it's possible to grenade climb out of the pillar room. Don't believe it? Then check out his film.

John Sumner <> shows how it is possible to clear out the three octagonal crushing rooms on this level.

Seven Pillars to Heaven?

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