Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Bob-B-Q

Saving Bob from the Bob-B-Q

Your mission on this level is to rescue a security detachment. Of course when you teleport in you have other things to think about, namely staying alive. Bob can fend for himself. Unfortunately he can't and so you invariably fail in your mission.

Bob-B-Q contains a total of 27 Bobs and at least 14 (50%+) must be saved to succeed. If you do you'll get to read Leela's "success" message


You have done well.

The surviving #4Fc#O32C <B.O.B.> reported seeing the Pfhor
transferring some kind of large device towards Reactor Area 3.
From the description it must be a bomb.

If a large bomb is allowed to detonate in the Engineering
Section, the Marathon would be ^&2``~<Colloquialism Search
Error #F9C>

We must head off the Pfhor threat to the Engineering section.
I am going to send you into the primary re~Tick
Count=>first_thought #49.
You must clear the area of all aliens before they destroy the
Primary Reactors.



Saving 14 Bobs on Bob-B-Q is not as hard as it first seems. The four areas marked with a yellow circle on the map below contain a total of 15 Bob placements.

Save a Bob to Day!

These areas can be avoided when you play this level. This will ensure the survival of the Bobs in these areas. Bob-B-Q is not designated as "Extermination", so you can successfully complete this level without killing all the aliens unlike The Rose. The number of Bobs which actually appear in these four areas can vary between 12 to 14 Bobs. Note Bob-B-Q has 31 Bob placements but only 27 are filled each time you play. Hence the number of Bobs appearing in any given spot can vary. Of course the only way to know how many Bobs are in these areas is to either go into them or count the Bobs outside. If there are 13 Bobs outside you will win. If not you lose. Thus the only guaranteed way of winning is to save at least two on the outside. You might be lucky and only need to have to save one. But can you take that chance?

Note the small room on the far right of the map. It contains four Bob placements. If you explore all the areas on this level these are probably the only Bobs you'll have any chance of saving. One of them is a science officer! Was he Bernhard Strauss? Did you ask to see his ID?

Bob-Jam? Apply Fist Sparingly is a film showing you how you can save enough Bobs. As the title suggests it's completed with fist only. Of course the film won't show the success message at the end so you'll have to confirm it yourself by counting the dead. Is the player a Spazeroid or a Vidmaster? You be the judge. Count the dead!

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