Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Arrival

Welcome to the Marathon...

...your life will never be the same again.

Jason Jones (Bungie Software) in an IMG interview with Tuncer Deniz commented:

"The first levels in Marathon aren't as good as the later ones, they aren't as well thought out. The geometry isn't as good, they're sort of boring, and the monsters aren't that exciting."
While the monsters may not be exciting in Arrival it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing of the Marathon levels from a map design point of you. Indeed it is the only level were you will find windows which look into other sections of the ship. A design feature which pervades Marathon Infinity and gives a more realistic feel to a level.

Some interesting things to note about this level. It was originally called 'Origin'. The soundtrack used is Number 7. You arrive at Hangar 7A (Port). Yep Sevens... They're Everywhere!. The film of this level which features in the full game was apparently filmed by Jason Jones. You'll also see a different version of the film if you play the Marathon demo. In the demo Leela showed you the secret ammo room but not in the full game. Who said Leela gave hints! The demo also had a Bob in the maze and a Pfhor disguised as a pillar. Crafty those Pfhor. ;-)

So is there a Vidmaster tip for Arrival? Naw... this is just an excuse for an old timer to strut his stuff once more on the decks of the UESC Marathon. welcome to the marathon... is a film of Arrival fists only, no hits, blah, blah, blah...<yawn>. Warning: because killing S'pht in confined spaces with a fist is boringly long the S'pht are left to the end. If you get bored simply fast forward over the last part. But remember what Leela said:

I have learned that there is an Alien creature that is capable of interfacing with our systems.

You must kill any of these creatures that you find. It is a priority that we stop them. Even now, they are penetrating my defenses.

Let's go to work...

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