Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: All Roads Lead To Sol...

The level All Roads Lead To Sol... remains an enigma. Created by Jason Jones to atone for his sin of Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap it is the only solo level that cannot be completed in one try on any difficulty level other than Kindergarten. Decide to visit the Bungie credit terminal (point A on the map below) and you cannot reach the final room (point B). Survive the final room and you cannot visit the credit terminal. In either case you must quit and restart your game.

On Kindergarten it is possible to survive the lava swim to the teleporter, visit the credit terminal, recharger and teleport to the final room which is now no longer flooded with lava. But why only on Kindergarten? In Marathon if you survived the Bungie credit terminal room in Ingue Ferroque on Total Carange you could still proceed to the final terminal completing the level fully. The same is true for the final Infinity level Aye Mak Sicur. But not on All Roads Lead To Sol.... Why break with convention? Did Jason Jones just replace one sin with another? Was it ever the intention that this level could be fully completed in one go on higher difficulty levels? Was the level finished hastily without the means to complete it? While the switch under the lava (point C) has a function it seems to have been lost in the grand scheme of things.

Maybe one day we will discover the tru7h. Until then however it is only possible to Vid this level in two goes. Nicholas Head (a.k.a. The Jug Slugger) <> shows how it's done in his package NJH M2 All Roads (.sit or .zip). These films represent the most complete films of this level to-date. One film shows how to get to the credit terminal, the other to the final room. In both films all aliens are killed, including the two Jugs at the very beginning, first shown by Jim Mitchell, and the Hunters in the room leading to the secret teleporter.

A Short Road To Sol... (.sit or .zip) is a film by Todd Keating <> showing you how to complete this level quickly by using the rocket launcher and assault rifle to jump across the many lava lakes. The film is just over 4 minutes long and is made all the more shorter by some impressive fighting in the final room. We think you'll agree you'll watch this film more than once. Some of the aerial scenes are quite stunning. Just Vid It - With Style!

John Sumner <> completes "All Roads..." using No Ammo (.sit or .zip). "Impossible!" I hear you say? Then check out a Vidmaster in action.

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