Two for the Price of One

Design Credit:  Bill Ramsey
Double Aught Comments:  Based on the Marathon Infinity net level Duality by Bill Ramsey
Spoiler Guide:  Read

This is the first of two Co-op Carnage Break Levels. Check The Co-op Carnage Break Levels section for details.

Two for the Price of One (Terminal 0)

The terminal message is text from Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors (Act 4, Scene 4). Find out more on the Shakespeare in Marathon section.

Oddly this terminal will take you directly to Electric Sheep 1 bypassing the next level in the solo scenario Confound Delivery.

Opening Connection to ß.4.5-23 05.10.2337
CAS.qterm//CyberAcme Systems, Inc. <931.461.60231.14.vt920>

UESCTerm 802.11 (remote override) 05.10.2337

<0x03ef . vacillate>

I am an ass indeed: you may prove it by my long ears.  I have served him from the hour of my nativity to this instant, and have nothing at this hands for my service but blows: when I am cold he heats me with beating, when I am warm he cools me with beating.  I am waked with it when I sleep; raised with it when I sit; driven out of doors with it when I go from home; welcomed home with it when I return: nay, I bear it on my shoulders as a beggar wont her brat; and I think, when he hath lamed me, I shall beg it from door to door.

Transport when ready.
PgUp/PgDn/Arrows to Scroll Return/Enter to Acknowledge

Disconnecting... 05.10.2337

CAS.qterm//CyberAcme Systems, Inc. <931.461.60231.14.vt920>

Electric Sheep One

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Last updated Jan 11, 2011
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