Sounds in Marathon

"They're Everywhere!"

A section to discuss the many and varied sounds in Marathon. From the Hunter's howl to "Frog Blast the Vent Core!", and beyond.

First off there has been some previous discussion about sounds on the Story page so it's a good idea to review it. A quick trawl through the 717 pages at the Story site unearthed the following.

Why do Hunters howl?

Back in late March early April '96 the subject of Hounds and Lookers was brought up. The Hound never made it into the final version of Marathon but did its activation sound live on in the Hunter?

The Hunter and his Hound

Forrest Cameranesi <> pointed out that the "Hunter Howl" can be heard in an early beta of Marathon. This is a beta you'll find on the Marathon CD or Trilogy CD. The sound in fact comes from an early version of the... Hunter.

Yet in the illegally distributed Marathon beta the simple Pfhor fighter was given the "Hunter Howl" and there were apparently separate sounds for the Hound as this screenshot of part of the sounds file of an early Marathon beta shows. You'll will also note that the sounds in those days were given official names.

Steve Wood <> in a report of the Boston MacWorld '95 mentioned that in the Marathon 2 demo the following sound had been added:

The machine gun and pistol eject spent casing when you fire them. This looks really really really cool. Also, they make that "Casing Sound" (Tink Tink) that was in the beta but got taken out.

What is interesting as Steve pointed out was the fact that the sound was originally in the Marathon beta but for some reason was removed in the final game and then put back in for Marathon 2. Go figure!

The Marathon Scrapbook finally put an end to the speculation over Bob's insane cry of "Frog Blast the Vent Core". Yes it was the first thing that came into Doug Zartman's head when asked to say something random for the assimilated Bobs (Simulacrums). But as Sigmund Freud would say there is nothing "random" about this. Was this a Freudian slip from Doug's early childhood or something more recent perhaps? Back in May 8, 1997 Aaron Snyder <> wrote:

I just watched your most recent "VidTip" film on "Bigger Guns Nearby" and think that I've found the answer as to what "Frog Blast the Vent Core!" from M2 means: along the way, you give map views of two interestingly-named areas: "BioVent Core #88A" and "BioVent Core #88B". Between these areas is a raised hallway containing a BioBus chip (Hypervision power-up), but one can only get there by grenade-hopping.

Get it? Grenade-hopping might be renamed "Frog blasting."

So, on this interpretation, "Frog Blast the Vent Core!" might merely mean "Grenade hop in the BioVent Core on 'Bigger Guns...'!"

So was "Frog Blast" 'Zartuese' for grenade hopping?

Matt Soell <> (Bungie Software) had this to say on the subject:

It would be just like Doug to offer hints to our customers via subliminal messages. ;-)

When I finally managed to track down the old "Frogblaster" himself and question him on his aversion to frogs he replied:

It's... too... painful. I see them in my dreams, leaping, croaking, spawning; staring at me through their huge nicitating membranes. You see, a frog killed my mother.

Well there you have it! ;-)

Back in Dec 9, 1996 David Cornwell <>wrote:

On one of Adam's albums, "They're all Gonna Laugh at You", there's a bit called "Tollbooth Willie", about an englishman working in a tollbooth, and people who cross the border continualy insult and verbally abuse him. He shouts back, and makes several threats to come out of the tollbooth to beat, maim, injure, or incapacitate his assailants, until finally he is pushed over the edge and shouts "Okay, that's it, I'm commin' out of the booth!" and is hit by a car.

Anyways, that same line, "I'm commin' out of the booth!", is something the VacBobs in Infinity shout, with the same English accent.

Perhaps Doug likes Adam Sandler? I wouldn't be surprised.

Not so... as Matt Soell <> explained:

Comin' Outta The Booth": None of us have actually heard the Adam Sandler album in question. We picked up the phrase from a letter our Webmaster received from a customer who was angry that we'd "sold out" and ported M2 to Windows 95. You can probably still find it on the Old Letters page.

Anyway, part of this barely-comprehensible and profanity-laden message was the immortal phrase "I'm comin' outta the booth," which soon became standard Bungie terminology. When we sat down to come up with new Bob quotes, it didn't take long for someone to suggest that one.

Todd Bangerter <> now writes about the missing Marathon 2 Bob sounds:

I read the comments about The Disc, The Marathon 2 Preview, the Entertainment and Home Learning Demos disc, and the Bob sounds that weren't included in the final release of M2. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of The Disc, so I can't check if they were in that preview release too, but I did have a copy of the Entertainment disc (which I got in my Dec. 1995 Macworld issue).

So I dug the disc out of my collection and set to work looking at the sounds. The sounds file on that preview were in standard resource format, like Marathon 1, so I didn't have to use the M2 Sound Converter on it. I then compared the Bob phrases in that Preview to the release version. Some sounds with comparable resource ID's were changed, and some were deleted from the preview to the release. They're very funny sounds. One is from Star Wars, and another could be from Aliens.

Todd sent in a list of the Bob sounds that don't appear in the full game.

A Bad Feeling
Careful Now
Good Shot
I Think I Saw One
I'm Gettin' a Signal Over Here
I'm Not Assimilated
Not Enough Ammo
There's One Over Here
Watch Your Back
You Killed Bob

Here's a full list of the Bob sounds and their resource IDs from the M2 Preview:

1430 Careful now
1435 There's one over here
1436 Watch your back
1437 I'm getting a signal over here
1442 You killed Bob
1454 Yeah
1455 Score
1494 I'm not assimilated

21400 Bob-r-que
21410 Bob dying 1
21411 Bob dying 2
21420 Bob hit 1
21421 Bob hit 2

21430 Follow me
21431 In the corner
21432 I think I saw one
21433 Let's get'em
21440 Kill me
21441 No Noooo
21442 Don't shoot
21450 I got him
21451 Gotcha
21452 Good Shot
21453 All right
21460 Sorry
21461 My fault
21462 Look out
21463 Whoops
21470 Let's go
21471 This way
21472 Over there
21473 Mmmove it out
21474 Come on
21480 Move
21481 Get out of the way
21482 Behind you
21490 Stop
21491 Aaahh watch it
21492 Cut it out
21493 Ouch
21500 Perimeter secured
21501 We're clear
21502 Pick us up
21503 See you starside
21504 Get me outta here
21510 I... I don't think I have enough ammo
21511 Why don't we wait for backup
21512 I've got a bad feeling about this

Lots of other interesting sounds in the Marathon 2 Preview.

As Todd mentions above you need an app. like Sound Extractor by James Knight or Bungie's Anvil to extract the sounds out of Marathon 2 and Infinity to hear them. The following is a list of Marathon 2 sound names put together by James Knight from his Sound Extractor folder. Not sure how accurate it is and there are a few blanks.

244 resources of type 'snd' Total size: 5117100 bytes 10000 "Object appears" 10010 "Beam out" 10020 "Crush" 10030 "Something hit the invincibility shield" 10040 "Oxygen Low" 10050 "Axfyxiation" 10060 "Shield Recharge" 10070 "Oxygen Recharge" 10080 "Unknown buzz" 10090 "Click" 10100 "Click 2" 10110 "Maraton terminal switch" 10120 "Install repair chip" 10130 "Accessing Terminal" 10150 "Terminal sound" 10160 "Got special object" 10170 "Got Inventory Object" 11000 "MA75 Ricochet" 11001 "MA75 Ricochet 2" 11010 "MA75 richochet off hunter" 11020 "No bullets" 11030 "Punch" 11040 ".44 shot" 11041 ".44 shot 2" 11050 "Lock 'n load" 11060 "MA75 shot" 11070 "MA75 grenade launch" 11080 "MA75 grenade hit" 11090 "MA75 grenade flyby" 11100 "Zeus fires" 11110 "Zeus hits wall" 11120 "Zeus flies by" 11130 "Zeus charging" 11140 "Bob explodes" 11150 "Rocket flies by" 11160 "Rocket launches" 11170 "Flame thrower" 11180 "Splat" 11190 "Splat 2" 11200 "Player gets hit w/bullet" 11201 "Player gets hit w/bullet 2" 11202 "Player gets hit w/bullet 3" 11210 "Load shotgun" 11220 "Fire shotgun" 11221 "Fire shotgun 2" 11230 "Cock shotgun" 11240 "Access terminal" 11250 "Access terminal 2" 11260 "Terminal (next page)" 11270 "Casings hit floor" 11280 "Access panel destroyed" 11290 "Fire charged Zeus" 11300 "Drop the ball" 11310 "Unknown. Something falling" 11320 "PLAY BALL!" 11330 "Zeus gun overload warning" 12000 "Door opens" 12010 "Door closes" 12020 "Door access denied" 12030 "Platform activated" 12040 "Platform stops" 12080 "Switch on" 12090 "Switch off" 13000 "Big doors moving" 13010 "Big doors opening" 13020 "Big doors opening 2" 13030 "Big doors close" 13040 "Big doors stop" 13050 "Big door access denied" 14000 "Ambient sound 0 (Calm water)" 14001 14002 14010 "Ambient sound 1 (Rough Water)" 14011 14012 14020 "Ambient sound 2 (fire! fire! fire!)" 14021 14022 14030 "Ambient sound 3 (pulsing)" 14031 14032 14040 "Ambient sound 4 (steady wind)" 14050 "Ambient sound 5 (wind)" 14051 14052 14053 14060 "Ambient sound 6 (rain)" 14061 14070 "Ambient sound 7 (warning buzz)" 14080 "Ambient sound 8 (tractor)" 14100 "Ambient sound 10 (low motor w/clicking)" 14130 "Ambient sound 12 (platform)" 14140 "Ambient sound 13 (steady machinery)" 14150 "Ambient sound (rattling machinery)" 14160 "Ambient sound (low buzz)" 14170 "Ambient sound (low buzz w/sparks)" 14171 14172 14180 "Ambient sound (straining gears)" 14190 "Ambient sound 18 (squeaking gears)" 14200 "Ambient sound (clunking gears)" 14210 "Ambient sound 20 (hum)" 14220 "Ambient sound 21 (HORN!!)" 14230 "Ambient sound 22 (vacuum)" 14231 14232 14240 "Ambient sound (low rumble)" 14241 14250 "Ambient sound (crystals)" 14251 14500 "Water drip 1 (index 0)" 14501 "Water drip 2" 14502 "Water drip 3" 14503 "Water drip 4" 14510 "Thunder 1 (index 1)" 14511 "Thunder 2" 14512 "Thunder 3" 14520 "Distant thunder (index 2)" 14530 "Glass shatter?" 14540 "Bird noise 1 (index 3)" 14541 "Bird noise 2" 14542 "Bird noise 3" 14545 "Alien platform 1" 14550 "Alien platform stops" 14560 "Ambient sound 24? (alien platform)" 14570 "Door opens" 14580 "Door closes" 14590 "Door access denied" 14600 "Door opening" 14610 "Switch (clunk)" 14620 "Switch (clunk 2)" 14630 "Juggernaut launches missiles" 14640 "Juggernaut is about to die" 14650 "Juggernaut explodes" 14660 "Hummer activates" 14670 "Hummer unknown" 15000 "Hummer locks on" 15010 "Hummer opens firing hatch" 15020 "Hummer fires" 15030 "Hummer hit" 15040 "Hummer explodes" 15050 "Hummer fire hits wall" 15060 "Hummer unknown 2" 15100 "Cyborg rolling" 15110 "Cyborg fires" 15120 "Cyborg unknown" 15130 "Cyborg explodes" 15140 "Cyborg mine bounces" 15150 "Cyborg unknown 2" 15200 "Minor Compiler fires" 15210 "Compiler dies" 15220 "Compiler hit" 15230 "Major compiler fires" 15240 "Compiler fire hits wall" 15300 "Pfhor activates" 15310 "Pfhor burned" 15320 "Pfhor dies" 15330 "Pfhor actiavtes 2?" 15340 "Pfhor attacks" 15350 "Pfhor hits" 15360 "Pfhor projectile hits" 15400 "Player burned" 15410 "Player dies" 15411 "Player dies 2" 15420 "Bob hit" 15421 "Bob hit 2" 15430 "Follow me" 15431 "In the corridor!" 15432 "Let's get 'em!" 15433 "Why don't we wait for backup?" 15440 "Kill me!" 15441 "No. Nooooo!" 15442 "Don't shoot!" 15443 "I'm out of ammo!" 15444 "Frog blast the vent core" 15450 "I got him!" 15451 "Gotcha" 15452 "All right!" 15460 "Sorry" 15461 "My fault" 15462 "Look out!" 15463 "Whoops" 15470 "Let's go!" 15471 "This way" 15472 "Over there" 15473 "Mmmove it out!" 15474 "Come on" 15480 "Move!" 15481 "Get out of the way!" 15482 "Behind you!" 15490 "Stop!" 15491 "Aah! Watch it!" 15492 "Cut it out!" 15493 "Ouch" 15500 "Perimeter secured" 15501 "We're clear" 15502 "Take us up" 15503 "See ya starside" 15504 "Get me outa here" 15510 "Look out, he's nuts!" 15511 "Get him he's a traitor" 15512 "Hey, he's shooting at us!" 15610 "Hunter fires" 15630 "Hunter dies" 15640 "Big hunter dies" 15650 "Hunter hits player" 15660 "Hunter fire flies by" 15700 "Enforcer activated" 15710 "Alien gun fires" 15720 "Alien fire hits" 15730 "Alien fire flies by" 15800 "Sewer creature activated" 15801 "Sewer creature attacks" 15810 "Sewer creature hits w/claws" 15811 "Sewer creature hits wall" 15820 "Lava creature activated" 15830 "Lava creature fires" 15840 "Lava creature hits w/claws" 15850 "Lava creature dies" 15860 "Sewer creature mud hits floor" 16000 16010 16020 16030 16040 17000 "Tick hit" 17001 "Tick dies" 17020 "Tick flies" 17021 "Tick flies 2" 19000 "Water splashes" 19001 19002 19010 "Water splashes (longer)" 19020 "Something falls into water" 19060 "Player goes underwater" 19070 "Player swims" 19100 "Projectile hits water" 19120 "Mud hits water" 19130 "Burp" 19150 "Bigger burp" 19170 "Player falls into water" 19180 19190 "Something hits water" 19210 "Something else hits water"

This list of Marathon 2 sound names appeared on the Net sometime ago. Maybe one day somebody will be able to provide a definitive list of all the names for the Marathon sounds?

M2 Sound Breakdown

                              Agonisingly compiled by The Scarlet Pumpernickel.

                                                  From work by James Knight.
                                  (This list supersedes the one with Sound Converter 0.5b)

Feel free to do with this document what you will. Write to Scarlet with comments, or for news of his apocalyptically harsh replacement sound files for the Marathon
games, named, after the manner of The Legendary Frank's pioneering Hardcore Sounds for M1, Hardercore Sounds for M1 and Hardestcore Sounds for M2. What
possible grammatical contortions can Scarlet perform for his inevitable M3 sound file? A nation gapes indifferently. 

15120 and 15150 remain unknown.
Most incidental sounds (for example, doors or platforms moving) are classed as ambient.
Bob death sounds are also used for player deaths.
Indexes are supplementary ambient sounds.
Each sound can have up to five variations, numbered from zero to four.
16-bit sounds, identical but crisper, start at 20000 and have been omitted.

See the M2 Sound Converter page at for more details. 

10000Teleport in 
10010Teleport out 
10030Hit while invulnerable 
10040Oxygen low 
10060Shield refill 
10070Air refill 
10080Switch jam 
10090Switch on 
10100Switch off 
10110Pad activate 
10120Install chip 
10130Terminal log on special 
10150Terminal page special 
10160Pickup special 
11000Ricochet 1 
11001Ricochet 2 
11010Metal hit 1 
11011Metal hit 2 
11020Weapon empty 
11040Pistol fire 
11050Pistol reload 
11060MA75 fire 
11070Grenade fire 
11080Grenade blast 
11090Grenade flyby 
11100Fusion fire 
11110Fusion hit 
11120Fusion flyby 
11130Fusion charge 
11140Rocket/Fake Bob blast 
11150Rocket flyby 
11160Rocket fire 
11180Body fall 
11190Hard death 
11200Body hit 1 
11201Body hit 2 
11202Body hit 3 
11210MA75 reload 
11220Shotgun fire 1 
11221Shotgun fire 2 
11230Shotgun reload 
11240Terminal log on 
11250Terminal log off 
11260Terminal page 
11270Shell casings 
11280Circuitry destroyed 
11290Fusion charged fire 
11300Ball bounce 
11310Ball anthem 
11320Ball Play Ball 
11330Fusion overload alarm 
12000Door open 
12010Door close 
12020Door jam 
12030Platform type one moving 
12040Platform type one stop 
12080Platform type two stop 
12090Platform type two start 
13000Big door moving 
13010Big door starts opening 
13020Big door starts closing 
13030Big door stops opening 
13040Big door stops closing 
13050Big door jam 
14000Ambient Blue water 
14010Ambient Green water 
14020Ambient Lava 
14030Ambient Pulsing 
14040Ambient Underwater/lava 
14050Ambient Wind 
14060Ambient Fast water 
14070Ambient Warning buzz 
14080Ambient Tractor 
14130Platform type two moving 
14140Ambient Steady machinery 
14150Ambient Rattling machinery 
14160Ambient Low buzz 
14170Ambient Low buzz with sparks 
14180Ambient Straining gears 
14190Ambient Squeaking gears 
14200Ambient Clunking gears 
14210Ambient Hum 
14220Ambient Klaxon 
14230Ambient Vacuum 
14240Ambient Spaceship 1 
14250Ambient Spaceship 2 
14500Index Underwater drip 
14510Index Thunder 
14520Index Distant thunder 
14530Light broken 
14540Index Bird call 
14545Alien platform start 
14550Alien platform stop 
14560Alien platform moving 
14570Alien door open 
14580Alien door close 
14590Alien door jam 
14600Alien door moving 
14610Alien switch on 
14620Alien switch off 
14630Juggernaut rocket fire 
14640Juggernaut crashing 
14650Juggernaut death 
14660Juggernaut rocket bay opens 
14670Burst death 
15000Drone activate 
15010Drone draws gun 
15020Drone fire 
15030Drone is hit 
15040Drone crash 
15050Drone hit 
15060Drone flyby 
15100Cyborg move 
15110Cyborg bomb launch 
15120?Electric fizz 1 
15130Cyborg death 
15140Cyborg bomb bounce 
15150?Electric fizz 2 
15200Compiler fire 
15210Compiler death 
15220Compiler is hit 
15230Compiler flyby 
15240Compiler hit 
15300Pfhor activate 
15310Pfhor flamed 
15320Pfhor death 
15330Pfhor talk 
15340Pfhor attack 
15350Pfhor hit 
15360Pfhor flyby 
15400Bob flamed 
15410Bob death 1 
15411Bob death 2 
15420Bob is hit 1 
15421Bob is hit 2 
15430Bob talk 1 (Follow me) 
15431Bob talk 2 (In the corridor) 
15432Bob talk 3 (Let's get 'em) 
15433Bob talk 4 (Wait for backup) 
15440Fake Bob 1 (Kill me) 
15441Fake Bob 2 (No) 
15442Fake Bob 3 (Don't shoot) 
15443Fake Bob 4 (Out of ammo) 
15444Fake Bob 5 (Frog blast) 
15450Bob kill 1 (Got him) 
15451Bob kill 2 (Gotcha) 
15452Bob kill 3 (All right) 
15460Bob hit own 1 (Sorry) 
15461Bob hit own 2 (My fault) 
15462Bob hit own 3 (Look out) 
15463Bob hit own 4 (Whoops) 
15470Bob in 1 (Let's go) 
15471Bob in 2 (This way) 
15472Bob in 3 (Over there) 
15473Bob in 4 (Move it out) 
15474Bob in 5 (Come on) 
15480Bob line of fire 1 (Move) 
15482Bob line of fire 2 (Out of the way) 
15483Bob line of fire 3 (Behind you) 
15490Bob hit by you 1 (Stop) 
15491Bob hit by you 2 (Watch it) 
15492Bob hit by you 3 (Cut it out) 
15493Bob hit by you 4 (Ouch) 
15500Bob out 1 (Perimeter secured) 
15501Bob out 2 (We're clear) 
15502Bob out 3 (Take us up) 
15503Bob out 4 (See you starside) 
15504Bob out 5 (Out of here) 
15510Bob betrayed 1 (He's nuts) 
15511Bob betrayed 2 (He's a traitor) 
15512Bob betrayed 3 (He's shooting at us) 
15610Hunter fire 
15630Hunter minor death 
15640Hunter major death 
15650Hunter hit 
15660Hunter flyby 
15700Enforcer activate 
15710Enforcer/jug gun fire 
15720Enforcer hit 
15730Enforcer flyby 
15800Sea/lava monster attack 1 
15801Sea/lava attack 2 
15810Sea/lava claw 1 
15811Sea/lava claw 2 
15820Sea/lava fire 
15830Lava fire hit 
15840Lava flyby 
15850Sea/lava death 
15860Sea fire hit 
16000Ally fire 
16010Ally hit 
16020Ally flyby 
16030Ally is hit 
16040Ally death 
17000Tick death 1 
17001Tick death 2 
17020Tick fly 1 
17021Tick fly 2 
19000Water 1 
19001Water 2 
19002Water 3 
19010Creature out of water 
19020Creature into water 
19060Player into lava 
19070Player out of lava 
19100Light shot into blue water 
19120Heavy shot into blue water 
19130Light shot into lava 
19150Heavy shot into lava 
19170Player into water 
19180Player out of water 
19190Light shot into green water 
19210Heavy shot into green water 

Charles Srstka <> writes:

I notice that one of the sounds that didn't make it into the full version is "I've got a bad feeling about this..." I've heard the M2 "Jingle Bobs" track and if I remember correctly, it started with "I've got a bad feeling about th- AAA!" followed with lots of Bobs screaming... :)

Unfortunately I can't check since *my* M2 CD just happens to not have the Jingle Bobs track on it for some reason or another...

Yes I've heard that some M1 and M2 CDs don't have music. Not sure why this is. Anyone have an answer?

Aaron Freed <> writes:

For both Bob and VacBob sounds their death, hit and flaming sounds are first in the sounds file before the rest of them. Shows you what Bungie think of them. ;-)

Just to set the record straight the MInf sound is "He Killed Bob" not "You Killed Bob."

21512 "I've got a bad feeling about this" is a quote from Star Wars.

Yes this is the Star Wars reference Todd Bangerter referred to above. Aaron also asks:

Was the "You Killed Bob" sound distributed with one of the issues of Marathon Magazine the sound in the preview or was that not official?

Not sure about this. Anyone care to investigate?

Dave Aitken <> writes:

I attach an extract (QT3) from a film included with Microsoft's Close Combat, of a German StuG IIIG infantry support tank. Recognise the sound? (Quicktime Movie 279K)

Yes indeed! :-)

Quartz <> writes:

was looking at that MS CC german tank movie...

as far as sounds go, more than half of the ones in marathon were bought from a library, depending on how much you pay (I think the prices range from $500-6000) you can get to IIRC 500 CDs worth of sounds. just listening to the demo disc alone (with it's mere 4 dozen tracks) I recognized the m1 and m2/i pistol noise, the grenade firing sound, the shell clattering sounds, several platforms (including a few from duke nukem, DF and quake) and one or two ambient noises.

just to prove my point, go rent startrek: first contact, in the second major scene of the phoenix in her bay (when the tech crew is working on her) listen to the sound the elevator in the back makes; the spht platform.

Quartz continues:

more info (I just found the CD)

the company is called "Sound Ideas", and they put out (what looks like) several dozen collections. their demo CD (of the FX series collections) contains a mac/win auto-run application package that lists every collection they make, and also comes with 13 audioCD tracks worth of sample sounds (ranging from 1 to 10 minutes long each)

track list/length

total running time- 54:11

track 1- 10:01
track 2- 05:16
track 3- 05:05
track 4- 02:58
track 5- 01:16
track 6- 03:52
track 7- 02:23
track 8- 03:50
track 9- 03:02
track 10- 03:44
track 11- 05:37
track 12- 03:33
track 13- 03:28

track names:

The General
The General Extension
Ambience I
Ambience II
Universal Studios
Warner Bros.
20th Century Fox
Turner Entertainment Co.

Sounds Idea have a web site at If you check their Online Sound FX page you'll find a .44 Magnum gunshot sound that is very like the one used in Marathon. Thanks to Quartz for the link.

Dustin Westphal <> writes:

I saw a post on a Hotline server that said the 6th track on the Gran Turismo soundtrack contained several Marathon sounds. Intrigued I downloaded the track and found out that the post was correct. I heard these sounds, but I'm sure there were more:

The Marathon 1 Opening
Teleport In
Teleport Out
The Droid Beeps
Droid Firing Sound
Droid Exploding
S'pht shooting
Hunter Howling
Phfor Chatter

The sounds are quite obvious and are featured prominently throughout the song. The info that scrolls at the top of MacAMP says: Masahiro Andoh & Isamu Ohira - Nobody - Gran Turismo: The Real Driving1999, AG# 560C36F1 - 1999. I'm assuming this is the artist, the name of the song, and the album, but I don't know what the number is for. I haven't checked the other songs yet either, but I plan on doing so later.

Having had the chance to listen to this track I can confirm Dustin's description above. The 6th track is simply littered with Marathon sounds. I wonder if Bungie know?

Rob Schultz <> writes:

I discovered a while back. Sound <> is an internet sound library. It contains literally thousands of sounds for developers to pay for and download to use in their projects.. video games, music, movies, what-have-you. I was looking for some sound effects one day after finding this place and happened to put in a search for something like "sci-fi space effects". And guess what I found? Nearly all of the M2 effects and all of the Jjaro and S'pht'Kr sounds.. My guess? Bungie and DoubleAught used Sound as their sound resource. Either that, or Bungie needs to look into this. ;)

Chadd Nervig <> writes:

More info about the Music Track mentioned yesterday. It is indeed named Nobody. And I have meticulously recorded every Marathon Sound in it. (Hey, I was bored) :) All sounds are considered centered, or equally balanced on each side, if they have no notation after them. '(Left)' means it is heard in the left speaker. '(Right)' means it is heard in the right speaker.
00:01-03    Marathon 1 Startup Theme Beginning
00:02-04    Transport Out (Left), followed by Transport In (Right)
00:07       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
00:10       Drone Death (Left)
00:12       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
00:19       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
00:23       Drone Death (Left)
00:25       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
00:28-30    Transport Out (Left), followed by Transport In (Right)
00:35       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
00:56       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
01:02       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
01:36-38    Transport Out (Left), followed by Transport In (Right), Followed by Transport In (Left)
01:40       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
01:45       Drone Death (Left)
01:47       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
01:54       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
01:57       Hunter Howl (?Twice) (Left)
02:00       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
02:02-04    Transport Out (Left), followed by Transport In (Right), Followed by Transport In (Left)
02:10       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
02:31       Pfhor Worbble (Right)
02:38       Pfhor Worbble (Right)
02:44       Pfhor Worbble (Right)
02:52       Pfhor Worbble (Right)
02:56       Transport Out
03:11-13    Transport Out (Left), followed by Transport In (Right), Followed by Transport In (Left)
03:15       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
03:18       Drone Death (Left)
03:28       Drone Activate Twice (Right)
03:31       Drone Death (Left)
03:37-39    Transport Out (Left), followed by Transport In (Right)
03:57       Drone Death (Left)
04:05-08    Marathon 1 Startup Theme Begining
04:06-08    Transport Out (Left), followed by Transport In (Right), Followed by Transport In (Left)

Sam Morris <> writes:

Well, if we're into spotting Marathon sounds, when opening a window under Windows 98 with the Theme "Baseball" selected, you hear the Marathon "Playball" noise.

Stefan Stadlberger <> writes:

For Marathon, Bungie has also been using sounds from the Sound Ideas archive ( Some sounds are downloadable ( Try the 44 Magnum sound. Sounds familiar.

Terrence Nowicki <> writes:

I'm a big fan of DragonBall Z, an action-anime from Japan, and I was watching a DBZ movie (Tree of Might) the other day, and I noticed that during the scenes that take place on the Sayian spacecraft, you can distinctly hear one of the Jjaro spaceship sounds from Infinity playing over and over.

James Gurnee <> writes concerning Marathon sounds in other games and shows:

In the children's science show "Bill Nye: The Science Guy", near the very start, when Bill is about to open the door to his lab (and sometimes for a while after he's opened it), you can usually hear the Pfhor Ship #2 sound.

James also points out that there is a post on the Marathon Central Forums on the same subject. You can see it at:

In case you can't get through here is the actually text of the post:

Heh, I just saw a rainbow chips deluxe commercial (Keebler) that had the Marathon rocket launcher sound in it. Bungie is everywhere!

(: Jägermeister :)

Ben Irwin <> writes concerning Marathon sounds in other games and shows:

I remember a commercial a while back for Carl's Jr. with two people fishing in a boat. One pulls out a rather ugly-looking burger and starts eating it. Ranch dressing drips off the burger and into the water. Suddenly, the guy with the burger is pulled into the water. Anyway, the water sounds are identical to that of Marathon 2: Durandal's water ambience.

Also, I have noticed many movies with the Lh'owon Loon in them when they're outside. Also, the S'pht Platform Heavy can be heard in a a great deal of Sci-Fi movies (Virtuosity, for example).

James Gurnee <> writes:

There is a game for the Playstation called "Tiny Tank", and I just heard about it today. I also just played for my first time today, but enough of that. The reason I'm sending this is because the sounds in Tiny Tank; It's almost as if the creator of Tiny Tank got all of his sounds from Marathon. The sound of rockets firing is the Marathon simulacrum & rocket explosion sound, the lasers that the robot tank (the character you play) fires sound like the M2D/Mi bullet ricochet, the activation sound of the giant robots of fight may be either the Enforcer activate, or I just misheard. I also think that the ambient sounds are from Marathon. Here are a few sites on Tiny Tank:

Raul Bonilla <> writes concerning a sound in Pathways Into Darkness that also appears in Marathon:

Snds 10590 is the firing sound of the Plasma gun in M1. There's been a while since I've played PID for the last time, and maybe some crystal made the plasma gun sound.

Yes a number of sounds in Pathways were latter reused in Marathon. Here's a quick comparision table:

Pathways Into Darkness
Snd IDSize  Description of Sound
10590 5077Black Crystal discharging
10180 4682Increase in skill level
10008 5077Empty Walther P4
10610 4634Player hit sound after Pale Violet Potion
Snd IDSize  Description of Sound
2160 5077Fusion Pistol shot hitting wall
1170 4682Item pick up
1180 5077Empty M-75
1220 4634Invincibilty power up on lava

For more information on sounds in Pathways and the reuse of Minotaur sounds in Pathways see today's update at the Pathways Into Darkness page.

Aaron Davies <> writes concerning reused sounds in Bungie games:

At least one sound goes even further back. The "empty MA75-B" sound got started as the "no ammo" sound from _Operation: Desert Storm_. Now *that's* recycling!

Over the years a number of attempts have been made to compile a full list of the sounds used in Marathon 1. One of the first attempts was by Mike Gaines (aka Starman) which, while incomplete, did highlight one odd sound, namely snd 1230 *unknown dull wood kock sound*. The Scarlet Pumpernickel compiled a more complete list but again raised the issue of snd 1230 (could it be a switch?) and also snd 2150, claiming that it was unused.

Is there a complete list of Marathon sounds out there? Indeed, is there a definitive list released by Bungie? What are the mystery sounds that can't be identified? Do they exist in the game? Has anyone ever heard them?

Well it would appear that Bungie did release a list of the names for the sounds used in Marathon. Just not in the manner you might expect. This list comes courtesy of The Man Who Leaked The Marathon Beta.

It appears the Sounds file that came with the leaked Marathon beta had the official names for the sounds (see the very start of this section). So for example, the sound of Bob getting toasted by the flamethrower was called "bob-r-que". The snd ID and the byte size would suggest that the sound was the same as the one used in the final game.

A comparison of the sounds in the Marathon Demo 0.0 and the final version reveal some interesting differences. The mystery sound (snd 1230) doesn't appear in the demo but was added to the final game, but whereabouts? The Marathon intro sound (snd 1240) is 136746 bytes in length in the demo but only 68390 bytes in the final version. What did the demo intro sound like and why was it shortened?

Sounds list
Marathon Demo v0.0

     Sounds list
Marathon (full version)

President People points out that the alien closed door sound or 'obstructed'
sound features in the game more frequently than previously thought. He writes:

I'm pretty sure you can hear it when you stand on an open split door, and wait for it to close on you.
The door will make the error sound and reopen, starting the cycle over again. There are split doors
on all the Pfhor levels.

treellama goes on to say:

Fun fact: platforms (at least in Marathon 2) can actually have different sounds for obstructed and
uncontrollable, but the Pfhor door uses the same sound for both.

Came across another compiled list of Marathon sounds and there names. This one dates from January 1995
and is by Justin C. Sherrill. Again snd 1230 proves a problem.

The following discussion appeared on Marathon Reddit. I have reprinted it below for completeness.

Posted by xiipaoc on July 18, 2021 02:50 GMT

Platform Sound

So Im watching a toddler show on Amazon Prime -- Brain Candy, I think? Canadian-produced show, 3D rendered visuals, teaches about colors, letters, numbers, stuff like that -- and I hear a platform moving. And it sounds JUST LIKE THE PLATFORM SOUND IN MARATHON 2/∞ (not sure if 1 has the same sound). Anyone know if the platform sound is some special piece of Bungie sound engineering or if it's a stock sound effect you can just find? I wonder if they made something that just sounds similar or if they used the actual sound from Marathon.

Posted by aaronnotarobot on July 20, 2021 09:21 GMT

It's a stock sound effect. Around half of the M2 sounds are taken straight out of the Sound Ideas Series 6000 General library with little to no editing, including (IIRC) all of the platform sounds except possibly the S'pht Door sounds and the Heavy S'pht Door "obstructed" sound. The fist punch sound is also from the Series 4000 Hollywood collection, though strangely, it's the only sound I've found in the entire collection.

Here are some samples I've been able to locate. This is by no means close to a complete list; I've expanded this list substantially since I originally posted this and will likely continue to do so as I locate more sources. Some of the sources will likely be quite surprising, although others are incredibly obvious.

Fist Landing: Face Punch, Arm Swing and Jaw Sock (4003 track 50, index 2)

Lh'owon Loon: Common Loon (6003 track 19, indices 1, 2, and 4; 4 was sped up a bit, and the echo was removed)

Flamethrower: Flamethrower Long Burst (6015 track 23, index 1, excerpt)

S'pht'Kr Attack: Fireball Impact and Large Fire Burst (6015 track 28, excerpt)

Transformer: Electric Transformer Hum (6018 track 39, index 2)

S'pht Platform: Passenger elevator (6018 track 42, index 4). The Marathon Platform likely comes from a slightly different edit of the same sound

Energy Recharger: Passenger elevator (6018 track 42, index 4; they mined a later part of the same sample for this)

Bullet Hitting Flesh: Horror Axe Chop, Human (6018 track 80, indices 1, 2, and 3, excerpts)

Body Falling: probably Horror Blood Splat, Human (6018 track 82, index 1, excerpt), pitch-shifted down about three semitones

F'lickta Melee Hit: Horror Head Crunch, Human (6018 track 87, indices 1 and 2)

Crushed Under Platform: most likely Horror Head Crunch, Human (6018 track 87, either index 3 or 4, possibly pitch-shifted or slowed down)

Wasp Glob Impact: probably Horror Head Crunch, Human (6018 track 88, index 1, maybe with a bit of pitch-shifting)

Switch On/Off: Small Breaker Switch (6021 track 44, indices 1/2)

Machine Binder: Binder (6022 track 3)

Light Machinery: Compressor (6022 track 5)

Heavy Machinery: Wahlenberg cutter (6022 track 11)

Heavy S'pht Platform: Electric Hydraulic Machine (6022 track 18)

Machine Bookpress: Book Press (6022 track 25)

Machine Puncher: Auto Plant Punch Press (6022 track 36)

Pfhor Door: Clothes Cleaning Plant Steam Release (6023 track 5). They reversed one of these to get the opening sound (which is mislabelled as the closing sound in most lists of sounds)

Pfhor Platform: Clothes Cleaning Plant Steam Supply Generator (6023 track 6; oxygen recharger may also come from this track, but it's such a short sample that it's hard to be sure)

Magnum Firing: .44 Magnum (6025 track 6; index 2 is definitely one of the sources, and possibly both; they may have used each channel for one of the sounds, or they may have excerpted one of the later indices to make the other sound)

Grenade Launcher Firing: Anti-tank 20mm (6025 track 25, probably index 1 or 2)

Bullet Ricochet: Gun Ricochet, Single Shot, Bullet (6025 track 28, most likely indices 1 and 2)

Rocket Exploding: Tank Howitzer (6025 track 31, index 2)

Shotgun Firing: Tank Howitzer (6025 track 31, index 4; they used each channel separately to make two different sounds)

Cyborg Firing: Small Grenade Blast (6025 track 55, index 1)

Cyborg Projectile Hit: May also be comprised of a pitch-shifted version of one of the Small Grenade Blasts (6025 track 55, index 3). Note that this sound is not actually used in the game, which suggests that Bungie may have initially used different projectiles for the cyborgs

Cyborg Death: Comprised of Small Grenade Blast (6025 track 55, indices 1-3) and High Voltage Electricity Spark (6039 track 61, index 1)

Surface Explosions/Thunder: Seem to be partially comprised of Large Explosions (6025 track 56, various indices, and 6040 track 24, index 2), but they seem to have supplemented the first of the three with an additional source that I haven't yet located

You Are It: Guitar Low Note, Bend Down (6027 track 33, index 5)

Got the Ball: Human Vocal Voice, "Play Ball", Male Baseball Umpire (6032 track 41, index 1)

Creak: One of the sounds comes from "Metal Movement and Squeaks" (6032 track 58, index 2, excerpt starting about 40 seconds in). I haven't yet found the other

Waterfall: probably excerpts of "Small Waterfalls" (6035 track 1)

Water: Water, Lake Waves Coming In, Light (6035 track 7)

Goo: Probably excerpts from "Geyser, Underground Rumble, Water Spraying Out" (6035 track 38)

Under Media: May come from "Underwater Diver Jumping into Water, Air Release, Scuba" (6035 track 42), but I'm very uncertain on this one

Wind: "Thunderclap and Rumble" (6036 track 6) and "Ghost Town Wind" (6036 track 49)

Night Wind: Eerie Wind (6036 track 46)

Heavy S'pht Door: Space Door Activate (6037 track 6, index 2) and Spaceship Door (6039 track 24, indices 3 and 4). Still haven't found the "Obstructed" sound

Drone Dying and Cyborg Hit: Steam Single Blast (6037 track 15, index 5). Cyborg Hit is not actually used in the game and is a sped-up version of this sample

Electric Hum: Probably Electricity, Various Hums from Drone Tube (6038 track 46), pitch-shifted up five semitones. Excerpt used in game may start at approximately 8.107 seconds (357519 samples) into track – I'm not totally sure.

Pfhor Switch On/Off: Hydraulic Activator (6038 track 58, excerpted). The "off" sound is slowed down and pitch-shifted down by two semitones

Enforcer Exploding: Single Firing of Tank Gun (6038 track 90, probably index 1 but might be 2)

Pfhor Ship #1/Alien Noise 2: Spaceship Control Room (6039 track 1)

Jjaro Ship/Alien Harmonics: Alien Spacecraft Interior (6039 track 9)

Pfhor Ship #1/Alien Noise 1: Spaceship Interior Rumble (6039 track 11)

Pattern Buffer: Computer Spaceship Console Beep (6039 track 27, index 2)

Drone Start Attack: most likely a slightly shortened version of Robot Servo Motor (6039 track 29, index 5)

Juggernaut Start Attack: most likely a slightly shortened version of Robot Servo Motor (6039 track 31, index 2)

Sparking Transformer: Electric Transformer Hum (6018 track 39, index 2) mixed with High Voltage Electricity Spark (6039 track 61, various indices)

Drone Attack: partly an excerpt of Electronic Magical Swish (6039 track 51, index 1); haven't located other component of sample

Drone Projectile Flyby: Electronic Magical Zap (6039 track 56, index 2), possibly sped up a bit. (note: 6039 track 57, index 1, is a close variant of the same sound)

S'pht'Kr Projectile Hit/Flyby: Archery Whoosh and Impact (6039 track 71, excerpts of indices 1 and 2, respectively)

Water Drip: Most likely excerpts from Water Dripping in Cave (6039 tracks 82 and/or 84)

Juggernaut Explosion: Large Explosion (6040 track 24, index 3)

Underground Explosion: Large Explosion (6040 track 26, index 1)

A lot of other sounds come from some other CDs in the same collection (there are 40 total CDs, but only some of them seem to contain Marathon 2 or Infinity sounds). Additionally, the chapter 1 screen for Marathon 2 almost certainly comes from 6039 track 63, index 3 ("Thunderclap with Rumble"), and another chapter screen (I think chapter 2) comes from 6018 track 92. Some sounds for various other scenarios have also come from these CDs; for example, Tempus Irae mined 6003 for blue jay (track 1, index 1), owl (track 21, index 2), and horse (track 65, index 1) sounds, and Rubicon got one of its alarm sounds from 6025, track 66, index 1.

I haven't yet located the sources of most of the Marathon 1 sounds, but PiD has at least a few sounds that come from this collection, too. It uses the same flamethrower sound M1 and M2 do. Also, the Nightmare Firing sound is a wildcat growling, and the Phantasm Attack and Death sounds are apparently lion roars. I'm fairly sure I've heard several other animal noises from this collection in PiD as well, but I don't know the sounds/enemy names nearly as well, so it'll take longer to isolate them all.

One of these days I intend to release a remixed version of the sounds file that includes higher-quality (and possibly longer) samples of all of these, but I'm hoping to find more of them before doing so

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