Level 23: Where the Twist Flops
This is an extermination level, pure and simple. It is divided into two main parts, one accessible by going left and the other by turning right. But before that you'll run into a hoard of friendly and not so friendly BOBs.

These two maps show two of the areas that are a bit more difficult to find... they're just here as a hint. So use the Mapping feature frequently.

The first area you come to has a few unfriendly BOBs waiting just for you. Dispatch them in any way you choose. This will wake up the friendly BOBs in the area - and you will need their help. The level is full of Compilers and Hunters...

A shotgun and six BOBs... is that a record? Maybe not, but close enough!

The areas require that you find these switches to get back up. They activate platforms that allow you to go back up to the first terminal - the one you will exit from.

The path that goes the deepest eventually leads to this location. Enter this area and the room beyond.

On the other side there's a vast stack of ammunition. Lock and load!