Level 22: Kill Your Television

As you arrive and drop down you'll notice a large square arena. In the middle of this arena is a tower. Somewhere along its circumference there's a secret door and a switch - find it and activate the switch.

This switch will activate a door located under the water, below one of the four towers that are on the outside edge of this arena. Swim down to this door, through it and then back up to reach the walkway that surrounds the arena. Once on this walkway you can jump to the center of the arena - to enjoy some goodies.

This is what the center looks like. It is just a short hop... To proceed to the next area of the map go to the tower directly opposite the one you just swam up. Swim down this tower and into the main complex itself. You can now either head right or left. If you head right you'll come to an arena much like the one you just left.

You will have to be able to swim inside this new arena - but there's no water. So find this switch in the adjoining pool.

This switch will drain the water from the small pool into the larger one - allowing you to swim around and find your next A.I. activation site.

This is your first A.I. activation site...

... and here's a map to help you find it.

If you had taken the left hand path previously you would have come to this area. Find the platform that takes you to the top ledge. Follow this ledge to find the second A.I. activation site. Once this has been accomplished you can find a terminal and leave.