Level 24: Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks
The main objective for this level is to set the appropriate switches. However, the level does provide an excellent opportunity to arm oneself.

To get into the area beyond just activate the platform by using the switch next to it.

A hint... a very large cache of arms is hidden in the middle of the level...

Down below there are a series of switches... just do the usual. However, some of the areas in the map don't need to be explored - but I'll let you find out which.

The infamous slow door... it takes forever to come down but is vital... as it uncovers the final area of the map. Head inside but be careful, a lot of nasty guys await.

The final stage of the level involves the storming of two large towers. Do either first as the order does not matter. If you are playing co-operatively don't forget to look out the window at your neighbor. Once the towers and their switches have been taken care off, head on down to the next terminal.