Level 06: We're Everywhere
You and the BOBs arrive at the same time, just as a stream of Compiler bolts begin to rain down. Some quick thinking is needed.

Dive off the platform heading towards the left. Don't feel bad about leaving the BOBs behind - they can take care of themselves (ahem...). Swim to the left.

You'll find a 2x recharge as well as a cache of ammunition. To your left there's a stairway leading up - follow this path.

At the top of the stairs there's a switch which will raise the stairs even further. Hit the switch, turn around and head up. Now is a good time to pull out that Hunter-busting Fusion Pistol of yours...

You don't have to lower the bridge and cross the river. Instead, head in through the first door on the left.

With the option to head right or left pick the left. The path on the right will yield some more ammunition and a secret room but that's another story. Heading through the left hand door continue up the stairs that you’ll eventually come to.

Beyond the stairs there's a terminal - once you have finished your mission objectives, this is the terminal from which you can exit the level.

There are two panels like this one that need to be destroyed - use your fist to conserve ammunition.